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INKY’s anti-phishing software analyzes and prevents targeted attacks that bypass other anti-phishing softwares.

INKY adds a powerful layer of protection that provides organizations anti phishing solutions Office 365 and G Suite users need to secure their emails by leveraging domain-specific machine learning and computer vision algorithms to identify and adapt to brand spoofing, spear phishing, and whaling.

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Anti Phishing Solutions for Enterprise Customers

  • Control, clean and protect enterprise email in under an hour
  • With Inky’s anti phishing solutions, no additional software required for business use
  • Improve visibility and simplify email security across desktop and mobile devices
  • Eliminate the need to investigate false positive reports with AI-based, anti phishing software
  • Reduce manual reviews with automated email header analysis, quarantine alerts and decision support
  • Report phishing emails with the click of a button – even from mobile devices
  • Works seamlessly with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and G Suite
Anti Phishing Solutions for Enterprise Customers

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What Our Clients Say

Email phishing is still the world's biggest cybersecurity threat. INKY's next-generation solution is easy to administer but catches phishing attempts that other solutions miss. We are always looking for new technology and are pleased to be the first to offer INKY in the U.K.
John Quinn, CEO
Progress Distribution

About Us

Inky Phish Fence is an email protection gateway that uses sophisticated AI, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms to block phishing attacks that get through every other email protection system. Inky Phish Fence is easy to deploy and administer. The analytics dashboard gives complete visibility into the threats to an organization.