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CEO Fraud Protection

Dynamic CEO Fraud Prevention Protects High-Profile Users

Inky stops BEC attacks, known to cause millions in losses, for even the most perceptive individuals.

Inky blocks clever attacks where imposters either act under CEO identities or earn the trust of high-profile users for financial gain. 

The CEO plays a pivotal role as the front person of a brand and company – as such, CEO fraud prevention is a crucial element in a business’s security plan. Manipulative tactics employed by imposters assimilate into an identity of these individuals, emulating their personas in digital communications from email through social media. These grandeur scams are a complex form of BEC (Business Email Compromise) where organizations are targeted via email.

In a majority of cases, CEO fraud occurs with attackers phishing an executive and securing access to his/her email, or emailing company employees from a fraudulent domain name that’s very close to the company’s domain.  (most often a character or letter is off by one or two).  Usually the criminal has used social engineering tactics to understand the business structure of an organization and coerced the exec or employee into a financial transfer. 

True Machine Learning with Behavior Profiling

Inky’s AI builds social graphs to predict patterns in normal behavior, from nicknames, frequency of contact, and signatures. The users gets a warning right in their email when a contact does not fit the behavior profile, encouraging the user to take a closer look. Inky then builds on this response to learn and build the profile smarter. 

Advanced Heuristics Detect Forgery

Inky’s Computer Vision sees an email like a human would, while catching imperceptible anomalies in text, URLs, email addresses, and logos. Our multiple advanced scanning systems identify imperceptible deviations in visual elements and language, thus preventing CEO fraud.

No Interference by Design and Easy to Integrate

Inky runs in the cloud outside your business machines, so it won’t inhibit other systems with potentially incompatible software. This also makes our solution easier to deploy than just about any email security software on the market – Inky can be protecting a whole organization in usually just a couple hours.

Inky is the best solution on the market for preventing CEO fraud.

CEO fraud is a sophisticated scam from both technological and social angles. A trusted contact doesn’t raise concerns that tell us to be cautious, as these kinds of messages “feel normal.” Attackers rely on this misplaced trust, constructing messages with genuine visual elements and personalized messages, making these exploits remarkably effective and dangerous.

Attackers may compromise a CEO account and reveal damaging information. This event not only tarnishes reputation, it innately comes with financial damage. In cases where a CEO falls victim to a fraudulent communication, either disclosing proprietary information, or transferring money to an attacker, the results will be catastrophic.

Why is Inky Better at Preventing CEO Fraud and Other Attack Scenarios?

Inky Detects and Alerts Users’ Subtle Communication Anomalies

Reliance on web-based communication methods, like email, are as ordinary as a daily trip to the office. Changes in traffic patterns may go undetected, just like faint changes to language or frequency in an email. When Inky sees these slight deviations, users are alerted to prevent accidental communication with an imposter.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Stop Zero-day Exploits

Images are often carefully crafted to create the impression of validity. Inky analyzes visual components against  dozens of computer vision models that rely on machine learning to identify an attack. Other systems utilize a database of “known attacks” which can’t identify new brand forgery attempts.

All Devices are Protected with Inky

Another advantage to the cloud-based system running Inky is the intrinsic ability to monitor communications, regardless of device location. All messages are effectively scanned, regardless of location – Inky also plays well with any email client, whether it’s the latest email app or a web-based system. Try Inky for free with our 2-week demo.

Inky Blocks Malware, Filters Spam, and Sanitizes HTML

In addition to detecting forgeries, Inky scans email attachments to prevent the installation of malware, keeps spam from reaching your inbox, and cleans HMTL to stop XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks.

Comprehensive Reporting Tool

Inky Admin gives insight into all communications blocked or tagged with an alert. This allows admins to utilize query functions with filtering options that provide deeper insights into communications which can be adopted into other security measure for your business.

Inky® protects your organization from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks.


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