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Inky’s cloud-based email security solution uses multiple advanced Computer Vision algorithms to prevent malicious attacks that get through every other system.

Sophisticated Email Based Attacks
Are On the Rise.

In today’s climate, your company’s email security software must adapt to the growing sophistication of fraudulent communications transmitted over the web. The level of clever impersonation by attackers will fool even the most savy email users. From CEO Fraud to Brand Forgery, the incidence of email based scams is not only growing, it is thriving: Phishing perpetrators boast a whopping 45% success rate.* Today’s scams convince employees to wire funds to pay a seemingly legitimate invoice to a known supplier, or share proprietary info to set up for a bigger fraud. Inky uses true machine learning and Computer Vision that’s not available in other solutions to detect abnormalities that slip past both humans and standard email security software.

A Different Email Security Solution

All incoming email is instantly scanned against over 2 dozen algorithms to detect anomalies that are not visible to the human eye, including both graphic and text comparisons. Unlike other email security software that compare to a known database of previous attacks, Inky’s Computer Vision can “see” an email to identify the brand, and then identify if the email is legitimately from that brand.

Inky Learns Behavior

Inky creates unique behavior profiles for senders using proprietary machine learning.  It constructs social graphs utilized by the system to detect impersonators, unlike any other solution. When an email doesn’t fit a known profile, the communication is flagged and either quarantined, or the user is alerted to the possible threat with easy-to-use email banner.

Simple Implementation

As it is the last to deploy in the email protection chain, Inky will play nice with your company’s existing mail filter systems; it does not interfere with any protection, spam, archival or e-discovery software you may already be running. Compatible with Office365, Outlook Exchange, and G Suite, and will work on web, mobile, or desktop. Our quick-click warnings appear within the email even on mobile devices.

Inky is the Smarter Email Security Solution for

These are sophisticated attacks, custom tailored to target a specific individual or business. The sender will impersonate a company or fellow employee using convincing tactics with personalized information, immediately instilling trust. The scammer attempts to convince your employee to send money, open attachments, click web links, or simply gain compromising information to supplement a more damaging attack in the future. Inky spots the phishing email before your business incurs damages.
The largest growing sector of email fraud attacks, BEC encompasses all manner of attacks on organizations via email. The general concept is an advanced impersonation of a CEO, co-worker, supplier, vendor, or any known associate of the business where the attacker gains funds, or company info. Inky is the smartest solution on the market today for preventing BEC attacks.
Zero Day attacks refer to new scams not yet seen or documented by security authorities. These attacks rely on novelty, meaning most systems are unable to detect these tricky methods that exploit companies for money or information. Whereas most products rely on a database of existing attackers and malicious URLs, Inky utilizes a machine learning system and computer visioning models to gain deep insight into both imagery and language, ultimately preventing these treacherous exploits.
Brand forgery refers to a family of tactics used by scammers that includes duplicating company logos, emulating stylistic details and phrasing, and spoofing sender information. These advanced phishing strategies will fool even the savviest of readers by proficiently mimicking a legitimate communication from a trusted entity. Inky’s advanced brand forgery detection looks deep inside every element of a communication including domain matching, email address discrepancies, machine generated URLs, special text characters used for XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks, and many more.
This sort of scam refers to two different manner of attacks where an attacker either impersonates a CEO (sometimes, a different high-profile user), or tricks some C-level executive into revealing sensitive information or sending money to the scammer under the false pretense of a convincing identity. Urgency is typical factor in these attacks, playing on busy schedules while relying on a sense of fabricated trust. Inky protects against these insidious impersonations by referencing behavioral profiles to alert users before they’re exploited.
Malware and ransomware capitalize on code in malicious software to obtain either information or request money from a user with fearmongering. These infections are responsible for everything from deploying keyloggers that transmit every keystroke to an attacker or, may masquerade as an authority, such as the FBI, demanding money with threats of legal consequences if the ransom isn’t paid. Inky will identify and quarantine emails with known malware attachments, preventing your business from falling victim to a scam.
By utilizing alternate characters to create slight misspellings, duplicating names to similar domains, or gaining access to an official email, attackers will appear to be someone they are not. Inky runs every communication through a multitude of algorithms to scan for an array of often imperceptible email components to warn your employees before they reply, or the message is blocked.
This is a core characteristic of most brand forgery efforts where attackers either register and use a domain close in appearance to the entity the scammer is impersonating or, removes these elements from underlying code in the message. Inky’s machine learning systems parse this code, detecting spoofed domains, even zero-day impersonations.
These attacks target a specific individual with convincing language while using a combination of a spoofed domain or email address, identifying information of a trusted contact, compelling storytelling, your company information, and a sense of urgency. Inky uses its proprietary combination of defenses to spot even the most convincing fake email.

What Makes Inky Different for
Business Email Compromise Protection?

Inky detects zero-day brand forgeries and spear phishing attacks.

Inky uses computer vision algorithms to recognize brand-indicative design indicators, including logo-like text where there are only text and no image. Coupled with sender profiling and anomaly detection algorithms, Inky supplies BEC security against these attacks before they are identified and logged by traditional email protection systems.  Traditional email protection systems are working from a known database of attackers and scams.

Easy to deploy. No installation required.

Inky is the easiest solution on the market to deploy, usually within 1-2 hours and a quick set of changes to the Office 365 or Exchange server. No installed software. Set up a 2 week free trial today and see for yourself.


Works with any mail client.

Web, mobile, or desktop.  Office 365, Outlook Exchange, or G-Suite.

Report Phishing Attempts from any device

A very unique feature is the ability to click a “Report this Email” link in every email, which means users can report spam, phish, and other problematic email from any device – web, phone, any email client, with no special software.  Most BEC protection software only has the capability to work from an installed instance.


Inky® protects your organization from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks.


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