Prevent Brand Forgery Attacks

INKY stops brand forgery attacks from fooling your users.


What is Brand Forgery?

Brand forgery emails look like a legitimate email from a brand you know and trust– but it’s not really from that brand.

Brand forgery emails target humans’ built-in desires to see patterns and make associations. Through good marketing, many companies have trained people to associate certain images or phrases with a given brand. Brand recognition helps sell products, but it also leaves users vulnerable to brand forgery attacks. By including branding from companies that users trust, phishers can make their emails look more authentic and trustworthy to their targets. As these phishing schemes become more sophisticated, INKY’s advanced brand forgery detection plays an increasingly important role in phishing protection.


Why Do They Do It?

By impersonating a major brand, the attacker hopes you will provide your password to their fake login site, engage in a dialog with them and reveal personal financial information.

INKY sees phishing emails like a human does

Unlike most anti-phishing tools, INKY doesn’t rely on examining URLs and sender addresses to detect phishing emails. INKY’s brand forgery detection software uses computer vision to detect company logos and determine who the email pretends to originate from.

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INKY learns patterns with behavior profiling.

INKY’s true machine learning develops behavior profiles and social graphs that identify suspicious behavior or identities. When INKY sees an email from a sender that doesn’t match a known profile, it sends an impersonation warning.

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Report phishing attempts from any device

A unique feature is the ability to click a “Report this Email” link in every email, which means users can report spam, phish, and other problematic email from any device – web, phone, any email client, with no special software. Most email protection software only has the capability to work from an installed instance.


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