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Targeted Threat Protection

Our Targeted Threat Protection Blocks Phishing Attacks

Targeted phishing emails are crafted to convince recipients, but Inky isn’t fooled.

You may be able to catch a general phishing attack, but what if the phisher targets you personally?

Targeted threat phishing or spear phishing is a big deal for cybersecurity. An estimated 95% of successful cyberattacks begin as a spear phishing email. Targeted spear phishing emails are customized to a specific person, perhaps someone in Accounts convincing them to pay an invoice, or impersonating a CEO requesting an urgent wire transfer or company data. These specially crafted attacks may be in the works for weeks, and often employ multiple strategies including brand forgeries, known staff names and nicknames, and email addresses, client rosters, attorneys, vendors, social media and public information specific to one person.

Inky’s specialized targeted threat protection algorithms catch these email impersonators using advanced overlapping approaches simultaneously in ways not yet seen in our industry. With a three-pronged approach,  Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and over 2 dozen algorithms work together to scan every element of the email instantly.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, a specific type of targeted attack, have been estimated by the FBI to cost businesses over $12 billion USD worldwide between October 2013 and May 2018. Save yourself from financial loss and headaches by setting up our 2-week trial.

Brand Forgeries and Sneaky Text

Inky uses over 2 dozen Computer Vision algorithms to recognize brand-indicative imagery, HTML, text, colors, etc. Inky can even spot fraudulent logo-like text (logotypes), where there is only text and no image. Zero-day phishing attacks that are not yet identified are even detected, which is not possible with other systems that rely on known databases.


True Machine Learning

Machine learning is often a misused buzzword in email protection, but we have developed true Artificial Intelligence for sophisticated and predictive sender behavior profiling. By pretending to be someone the recipient trusts, the attacker is more likely to succeed. Inky builds behavioral profiles and social graphs of senders to identity markers and communication patterns. Any email pretending to be from that sender and not matching the model is marked as suspicious.

Easy Deployment & Usability

As one of the easiest mail security gateways to implement on the market, we can have Inky up and running for your two week trial in 1 to 2 hours. Inky is cloud based and thus no software installation is needed, and it works congruently with other email filters. Inky works on mobile or web, and with Office 365, Exchange, or G Suite. The Admin Panel is an intuitive dashboard for managing and tracking threats.

Why Do Most Anti-Phishing Solutions Struggle with Targeted Phishing Emails?

Server Reputation

Different email accounts have different levels of reputation with G Suite and Office 365 accounts commonly being highly regarded. Phishers use these high-reputation accounts when possible to send targeted phishing emails that look harmless.

Malicious Links

Identifying embedded links to phishing sites is a common means of detecting suspicious emails. Spear phishing emails typically do not include links, so this form of phishing detection alone won’t work.

Email Attachments

In most phishing emails, the dangerous part of the attachment is easy to see since it usually involves malicious code. Attachments in targeted phishing attacks are commonly designed to support the con, and may look just like a normal invoice or other attachment.

Body Replay

One method phishers use to make phishing emails look legitimate is copying the body of a legitimate email and making modifications to links and attachments to achieve the desired effect. Since the text is legitimate, simple detection algorithms are likely to be fooled.

How Does Inky Protect You from Targeted Threats?

Inky analyzes every aspect of a potential phishing email.

Emails contain tracking information in their headers and potentially malicious code in its attachments. Inky’s uniqueness is in its combination of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and brand forgery detection to look at every part of an email looking for deviations from the expected.


Inky’s warnings educate and protect users.

When marking an email as potentially suspicious, Inky includes information about the specific threat that the email may contain. This trains the users what to look for, and provides real-time education about threats to their organization.

Inky installation is fast and easy.

Inky’s server-focused design means that no software needs to be installed on client machines. With Inky’s two-week free trial, every device in an organization can be protected against phishing threats by Inky within a few hours.


Inky keeps admins informed

Inky’s Admin Dashboard was designed with IT Departments in mind, bringing usability and threat tracking to the next level. Each email also contains a “Report the Email” link, making it easy for users to take action against identified phishing attacks. Reports go to Inky’s Administrative Dashboard, allowing admins to stay up-to-date on threats and take action against attacks on their organization.

Want to See Inky in Action?

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Inky® protects your organization from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks.


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