About Us.

We started INKY because we believe in email, we wanted to protect it, and we have the expertise to make a difference.

Phishing and the other fraud tactics used today are compromising email’s integrity and crushing organizations. Most people think the problem is either solved or unsolvable. It’s neither. We set out to fix this.

Team of Experts

To begin, we gathered together some of the most brilliant minds in software development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, operations, engineering and science in order to create something that the industry had never seen before. From there, considered the challenges of email from every conceivable perspective. We prepared data, explored algorithms, built models, set protocols, and ultimately created the brilliant phishing solution known as INKY.

A culture of curiosity.

Many no longer believe that solving phishing is possible. We disagree. It is solvable, but not with dated mindsets and conventional thinking. So we avoid those. Everyone at INKY is curious about something, it doesn't matter what. Curiousity, regardless of where it's focused offers us new perspectives and creates new personalities.

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With INKY we knew we were inventing the future, and that requires a very unique mindset and approach. The threat landscape shifts overnight, which is why we question everything, explore new ideas like crazy, and the moment we solve a complex challenge, we seek out the bigger one that was lurking beneath it.

This is how we think.

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A passion for email.

Very few people say this, but we do. Email may never be sexy, but that doesn't mean it's not critical. In today's business world, it is. So we've immersed ourselves in email. We know its history. We know its flaws. We know how it was designed, so we understand how it's being exploited. It's this domain that allows INKY to be so successful.

Bright Ideas

We’re happy to report that the industry has noticed.  We have a solid, growing customer base and have been recognized with a number of national honors, including the NYCx Cybersecurity Moonshot Challenge, the 2020 RSAC Innovation Sandbox Competition

We may be relatively new to the industry landscape, but we are fierce phish fighters.  We encourage you to learn more about our technology, our leaders, and our track record.  Most importantly, we welcome you to explore what INKY can do for your organization.

A bias toward simplicity.

A wise man once said, "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." Well put. The challenge of phishing is daunting, we want the solution to appear simple. From the classifier model that powers INKY's machine learning to the elegantly intuitive design of the banner, everything we do is designed to orient and empower our users.










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