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The Modern Digital Worker

Phishing Protection for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS

Mobile devices have undoubtedly changed the lives of modern digital workers forever, increasing productivity and collaboration for most. Business email use has moved well beyond the workplace, with ESG research uncovering some profound statistics among modern digital workers:


of all workers do at least some work outside of the office every day.


answer work emails during vacation.


read work email or text in the car.


work while on the couch watching TV.


answer work emails at a child’s (or other loved one’s) sporting event, concert, play, etc..

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Protect your employees across all devices.

The rate of phishing on mobile phishing attacks has risen sharply in the last 12 months, a boost most likely due to the increased number of people working from home, new research has found. The design of mobile interfaces are purposefully simple and minimal, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this new entry-point to your business. INKY's banners are here to stop phish from reaching your users.

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Banners are always visible.

INKY's banners work exactly the same no matter what device your users are reading emails. Fully functional across any mobile email apps, emails are flagged with the color-coded banner, and they can view threat details, and report emails anywhere they are.

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Report Messages from Anywhere.

The banners are device-agnostic, and have the same look and functionality on mobile as they do on desktop. When a potentially dangerous email arrives to a users mobile inbox, INKY throws a red warning banner to raise caution. Users can then read details about why the email is a potential threat and can report the email in just a few clicks.


Stop mobile phishing attacks from reaching your employees.

Hard to Detect@2x

No additional install needed.

 No additional install. No need to manage a 3rd party app. Works on iPhone, Android, and Google.

Credential Harvesting@2x

Always "on" phishing protection.

INKY's banners are always visible across any device, no matter where you are.


Report messages from anywhere.

"Report this email" function works on desktop, mobile or tablet. Whenever a users finds a suspicious email, they can easily report the email to the admin to investigate further.

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Email security protection for organizations using GSuite, Exchange, or Microsoft 365 dedicated to defending their organization against the most serious email threats today.

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