Prevent Data Loss from Email Blunders and Nefarious Insiders

INKY delivers modern data loss prevention by detecting and alerting you to high-risk emails before they get out the door.

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Distracted End Users are Dangerous

Your employees are sending hundreds of emails a day. So, it’s no surprise when they unintentionally share sensitive information. On the other hand, with a single keystroke, a discontented worker or short timer can send proprietary data externally.

Let’s not forget about the threat and cost of criminal email account takeovers. According to IBM research, the average cost of a data breach for companies with fewer than 500 employees was $2.98 million in 2021, and $5.02 million for companies with more than 1000 employees.

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INKY Believes in Second Chances

INKY Outbound Mail Protection raises awareness about risky email messages before they leave the organization. When a message with sensitive content is detected, INKY kicks off an approval process inside the email itself, which improves productivity while enabling smart security decisions.

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From Close Call to the Right Call

The INKY Email Assistant appears as a banner within the email that educates and enables users to act quickly.


Real-time Security Training

Clearly explains why review is required, serving up training just when you need it.


Productivity Supercharged

Notifies instantly when approval is needed, and action happens inside the email.

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Any Device, Any Time

Works exactly the same across all devices including mobile phones.


Free IT with Self-Serve Security

The INKY Dashboard enables admins to create customizable rules and sender/approver pairs that define how Outbound Mail Protection will function for their teams.

  • Self-approval and manager-approval rules keep workflows moving without any action required from IT.
  • When used with INKY Email Encryption, the requirement to encrypt outgoing email can be added to the workflow.
  • INKY rescues IT from legacy DLP solutions that use confusing bounce-back messages, clumsy portals, and often Outlook plug-ins that don’t work on all email clients.
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INKY’s Modern Scanning Technology Identifies Risks in Seconds

INKY uses a combination of detection modules to identify instances of sensitive data in messages. This identification requires cross-referencing multiple data points including keywords and variable contextual clues in a message, pattern matching, and various data types.

INKY scans for an extensive list of sensitive data from financial information, such as credit cards and bank account routing numbers, to identification documents and medical information.

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