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Malware & Ransomware

INKY’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms protect against ransomware and malware.

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Malware and Ransomware Defined

Over two-thirds of all malware infections begin with an infected email attachment.

Malware infections are a significant threat to organizations, with the cost of a malware attack averaging $2.4 million USD. Malware is malicious software installed on a computer, designed to do damage.

Ransomware is also malicious software that is installed on a computer. It blocks access to computers as well. Ransomware is different from malware in that a criminal announces they are holding your company’s data hostage until you pay them a fee to get it back.

Phishing emails are the primary delivery mechanism for malware and ransomware. Over 30% of phishing emails are opened by their recipient. 12% of users will either click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment within the phishing email, potentially infecting their computer and the network with malware.


Email Fraud Protection

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Anti-Malware Protection

Malicious attachments are one way that attackers use phishing emails to infect target computers. INKY’s phishing software includes state-of-the-art detection to identify and block infected content.

Deep Link Inspection

Malicious links are a common feature of phishing emails. INKY simulates a click-through to each link included in a received email, and checks the resulting web page for signs of phishing or other malicious content. Emails pointing to malicious sites are marked with warnings or quarantined.

HTML Sanitization

HTML provides emails with an increased level of configurability, but also makes it possible to embed malicious executable code within emails. By default, INKY identifies and blocks code that performs cross-site scripting (XSS), JavaScript, and CSS attacks.

INKY Prevents Malware and Ransomware Attacks

State-of-the Art Protection: INKY sees phishing emails like a human does

Unlike most anti-phishing tools, INKY doesn’t rely on examining URLs and sender addresses to detect phishing emails. INKY’s brand forgery detection software uses computer vision to detect company logos and determine who the email pretends to originate from.

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INKY behavior profiling screenshot

INKY learns patterns with behavior profiling.

INKY’s true machine learning develops behavior profiles and social graphs that identify suspicious behavior or identities. When INKY sees an email from a sender that doesn’t match a known profile, it sends an impersonation warning.

INKY works with any email client

Whether you’re an Outlook traditionalist, or experimenting with the latest mobile email solutions, INKY integrates into almost any email solution. With a single click, your users can react to the warning banner right in the body of the email. This unique ease of use banner is one of our clients’ favorite features.

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Suspicious message alert screenshot

Report phishing attempts from any device

A unique feature is the ability to click a “Report this Email” link in every email, which means users can report spam, phish, and other problematic email from any device – web, phone, any email client, with no special software. Most email protection software only has the capability to work from an installed instance.