Unlock Your Company's Security Potential With INKY Technology—An Easy To Use Behavioral Email Solution

INKY lets MSPs help their customers block phishing attacks, prevent data leaks, and coach users to make smart decisions.

Why MSPs Love INKY

INKY is a powerful behavioral email security platform built from the ground up with Managed Service Providers in mind. Fast deployment, multi-tenancy, and intuitive controls make it easy for MSPs to secure their customers’ email and generate recurring revenue to grow their business.

Asset 13Easy to Deploy

Super-fast deployment with zero downtime. Auto-onboard new tenants in minutes.


Simple to Administer

Intuitive controls to customize, manage, and report from one pane of glass.

Asset 47Maximum Profits

High margins, flexible licensing, and product upsells enable revenue growth.

Managed Service Providers trust INKY.

Mike Trillo-circle

“As for the INKY banners, you really can’t get anything on the market that looks as nice. You’re not ever going to find banners like these that list all the reasons why things are being flagged.”

Mike Trillo
Director of End-User Engineering, AGIO


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Matthew Galimi-circle

“INKY makes it so easy to install with their auto-onboarding on Microsoft 365.
6 minutes and I’m done.”

Matthew Galimi
Founder & CEO, Divergent IT



Matt Panizari-circle

“Email is almost always the first avenue a threat actor will take. That is why we wanted to partner with INKY. They do an excellent job protecting against phishing attacks, which is vector #1.”

Matt Panizari
Sales Engineer, MSP Arete Incident Response


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INKY mobile desktop tablet-all email examplesWhy Email Users Love INKY

INKY blocks malicious email from impersonators and coaches employees how to handle suspicious emails.

With interactive banners that stand out when something’s dangerous, the INKY Email Assistant encourages users to stop and think before they act.

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INKY MSP Partner Program Benefits

As a channel-led company, INKY is dedicated to collaborating and growing with our MSP partners. Our multi-tiered partner program offers benefits aligned to levels of engagement.

MSP Program Benefits