Phishing Protection for Managed Service Providers  (MSPs)

The INKY Partner Program is ideal for partners that deliver managed security solutions powered by emerging technologies. With its simplicity and reliability, many MSPs worldwide deliver next-generation anti-phishing protection with INKY.

Why MSPs Partner With INKY?

The INKY Partner Program is designed for partners that deliver managed security solutions powered by emerging technologies. Fast deployment, multi-tenancy, and high margins are just a few reasons why many MSPs worldwide deliver next-generation anti-phishing protection with INKY.

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Protect and Train

There are four million lines of code that enable INKY’s unique banner to work, but your clients will never have to encounter any of them. What they will experience, however, is a seamless system that catches even the most elusive of threats, while protecting, training, and empowering users across their organization.


User-Friendly Warnings

Just-in-time phishing awareness training. Clicking the “Details” link within a banner lists exactly what is wrong with an email. This information educates users about real-world threats in their inboxes. The banner is a more effective learning tool than phishing simulation testing.


No Installation Required

INKY is a cloud-based solution and can be completely installed in 1 - 2 hours with no client software installation needed.


Advanced Reporting

The admin reporting dashboard shows which threats have been identified and blocked. Admins can run time-bounded queries to view what threats have been encountered and blocked and can drill down into individual messages.


Easy to Deploy and Fully Scalable

INKY deploys inline. Integrating with Microsoft 365, Exchange, or Google Workspace. It is scalable, adapting to any size organization, and secure enough to meet government requirements. INKY supports quick deployment, staged roll-out to users by groups, and the ability to quarantine, folder, or drop malicious email using standard controls.

Powerful Protection Against Phishing Emails.

INKY utilizes computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to see things others can’t. She’s driven, curious and mobile, and because she learns more with every email she views, she’s growing smarter by the second.

INKY adds a thin—but powerful— layer of protection like no other and can save your organization and client environments from the types of phishing attacks that have been crippling companies for years.

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INKY Fraud


A gray banner indicates that INKY did not find anything unusual or suspicious about the message. The banners also display the email sender's address and mark if an email is from someone in the organization or from an external sender.


A yellow Caution banner indicates that INKY found something unusual about the email message. It is not necessarily dangerous but has something a user should be aware of. For example, INKY displays a yellow banner for email from a First Time Sender. Email that seems out of the ordinary like a spear phishing email would receive a yellow banner.


A red danger banner indicates that INKY thinks the message is suspicious and likely to be phishing or otherwise dangerous. This includes brand impersonations, blacklisted phishing URLs, or attempts to spoof mail to look like it came from an internal company account. Dangerous messages can also be quarantined.

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The INKY team is readily available to support you and your customers. We work hand in hand with our partners to empower their customers by providing dedicated sales and marketing resources and competitive margins to ignite new and recurring revenue opportunities.

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