Protect Your Business From Email Account Takeover

One compromised account can make your entire network of contacts vulnerable. Identify these attacks and take action with INKY.

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Stop, Remediate, and Block Account Compromise Attempts.

Email is a trusted form of communication in businesses. If just one account is compromised by handing over the username and password accidentally, cybercriminals gain trusted access to your whole network. Account Takeover Fraud is on the rise, and INKY has a unique and innovative way to detect these types of fraudulent attacks.


INKY knows your users and their behaviors.

INKY uses innovative machine learning techniques referred to as stylometry and social graphing to create individual sender profiles and block these types of attacks for your users and most importantly, third-parties.

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Account Takeover causes widespread collateral loss. 

Hard to Detect@2x

Hard to Detect

Attackers use ATO to evade SEG reputational filters and even impersonate the specific people whose accounts they’ve compromised.

Credential Harvesting@2x


Once a bad actor harvests, guesses, or brute-forces the password for an email account, and then uses this account to impersonate a person or brand.


Third-Party Vulnerability

You can’t make your vendors implement multi-factor authentication, so what happens when their accounts get taken over and the attacker sends emails?


Widespread Financial Loss

Account Takeover accounts for $5.1Billion in losses for organizations.

Innovative Use of Machine Learning is a Powerful Tool to Prevent Account Takeover.

INKY uses stylometry and other features from emails to build sender profiles and catch forgery attempts — even when those forgeries come from the real senders’ actual email accounts.

Learn more about account takeover in our guide Understanding Phishing: Account Takeover.

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The real concern is third-party Account Takeover (ATO). You can't make your vendors implement multi-factor authentication, so what happens when their accounts get taken over? Our social graphing and stylometric techniques prevent third-party ATO attacks.
Dave Baggett
Dave Baggett Founder & CEO, INKY Technology

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