Email Security That Knows Every User in Your Organization

INKY gets to know your end-users communication behaviors and knows their network of contacts. This smart defense system stops imposters from fooling anyone into taking the bait.

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A new use for a familiar concept.

Social Graphing is not a particularly new concept, but it is one INKY uses in a unique way in the fight against phishing. Social Graphing involves plotting out the various interconnections among different people, groups, and organizations within a network. INKY has capitalized on the concept of social graphing to help keep your company safe from impersonators. How? The more INKY sees, the smarter she becomes. As your users receive mail from legitimate senders, INKY builds dynamic profiles and behavior models of the originating sender. As the models grow, INKY uses anomaly detection techniques to filter out and block impersonation attempts. Pretty clever, huh?

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Text emails are the slipperiest of phish.

Text-based phishing emails come in many forms – Business Email Compromise, Spear Phishing, CEO Impersonation, and Whaling Attacks. They’re difficult to catch because at first glance, they don't look like suspicious emails. These slip right through many traditional gateways, but INKY's social graphing technology detects them with ease.

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A Quick Learner

Building the social graphing models for your business begins as soon as INKY's installed and it takes about a week of normal user email flow.

INKY gathers the information needed to create the sender profile and social-behavioral graphs that enable INKY's spear phishing protection.

From that point forward, when INKY detects a variance in an email, INKY warns your employee with a color-coded banner. It’s a unique use of this great technology and one of the many reasons why INKY is considered an industry leader.

Constantly learning and growing with your organization.

INKY is always learning your user's contacts and email behaviors so that when something unusual is detected, a color-coded warning banner is added to the email causing your users to pause and think before taking any harmful action. INKY checks each email for the following:


Does the Geographic Information match the sender?

What IP address is this email originating from?

Email Platform_white

Is this the correct Email Platform?

What email platform is the email coming from? Does the sender usually send email from this email software?

Client Version_white

Is this the last known Client Version?

What device and version of the email client is the email originating from and does it match the social profile for the sender? 

Email Address_white

Is this Email Address familiar?

Is this one of the email addresses INKY is familiar with for this sender?

From Display_white

Does the 'From:' Display match former emails?

Is this how the From: name or information is typically displayed? Is the First Name spelled out fully when it typically isn't?

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