Easy-to-Use Encryption Encourages Organizations to Keep Their Data Secure

INKY simplifies email encryption and increases user adoption so that sensitive data is protected from the time it leaves your inbox until the recipient reads it.

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Safeguard Secrets

Businesses of all sizes send critical information over email every day, leaving the door wide open for its capture by cybercriminals. Failure to secure that data can have severe consequences, ranging from compliance violations to loss of confidential personal and financial data. INKY leverages state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption to protect proprietary information sent to its intended recipient.

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Type the Magic Word, Click the Magic Link

It’s just that easy. With INKY Email Encryption you don’t have to leave the email system to take action. Simply add the word [encrypt] to the subject line of the email and INKY takes care of the rest.

The recipient receives an email notification about the secure message, which they can either access with Microsoft or Google credentials or request a magic link to avoid the need to create yet another account login to maintain. The recipient can reply to the sender securely, and any text or attachments will also be automatically encrypted.

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Same Scene on Every Screen

To ensure adoption of security best practices like encryption, the experience should be the same wherever people are working. INKY Email Encryption works the same across desktop and mobile devices, and it works on any email platform including iOS and Android with no plug-ins required.

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INKY’s Automated Second Chance

INKY scans outgoing emails to identify risks and alerts the sender before they get out the door. With INKY Outbound Mail Protection administrators can create customizable rules that automatically require senders to encrypt outgoing emails with sensitive content such as personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, or any other confidential information.

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