Detect malware cleverly concealed in email attachments.


Deeply Hidden Threats Lie in Wait.

Email gives threat actors direct access to their favorite low-friction targets – people – creating the greatest attack surface for any organization. Black hats take advantage of how tricky it is for even the most sophisticated user to discern if an email attachment is safe. Simply put, they use email attachments to hide all kinds of dangerous stuff.

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Cutting-Edge Technology Delivers Confidence.

This problem has existed for decades, and, as threat actors continually become more advanced, standard scanning technologies cannot block them all. INKY’s advanced solution detects malware and exploits embedded deep within files. By looking at the behavior of software components rather than their signatures, INKY Advanced Attachment Analysis protects against exploits — including zero day threats — rather than known payloads. With this unique approach, organizations can confidently rely on the INKY Email Assistant to warn users about malicious attachments before threat actors win.

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Say Goodbye to Sandboxing.

Legacy solutions rely on sandboxing to protect against threats embedded in attachments. Sandboxing is resource-intensive for IT, and burdens employees and administrators alike with delays and missing attachments that may or may not mysteriously reappear.  INKY’s solution changes everything. 



Deep analysis of attachments in less than a second.



Confidence rate of 99.7%.



A private network keeps attachments and analysis data secure.

Attachment Scanning vs. Advanced Attachment Analysis



Solid first line of defense for email attachments that comes standard with INKY. It works by performing file-level checks for known virus signatures, URL analysis, and deep analysis of the rendered content of linked websites. 



Deep evaluation of attachments for organizations that pass highly sensitive information through email. It breaks attachments into parts, analyzes each separately, sees how they are connected, and makes an assessment.

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