The New Era of Email Remediation

Gain a birds-eye view of every email, and remove them from an employee’s inbox with just a simple keystroke.

Time to react is critical when a phishing email hits an end-users inbox.

INKY's Email Remediation function allows your security team the ability to react to security threats as they happen. When an email is delivered, it only takes seconds for a malicious email to wreak havoc on your organization. 

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See what's been caught in your phishing net and act quickly.

Administrators will quickly find the email they are looking for with our easy search function. Once they've found the malicious email, they can remove it from one inbox or from all end-user inboxes with speed and simplicity.

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Link Analysis and Rewriting Protection.

INKY’s link protection is NOT your traditional Real time Blackhole List (RBL)/link checker. Real-time targeted zero-day threats NOT reported to the RBL’s are caught daily.

As each link is clicked, INKY will analyze it in real-time. NOT afterward like a TRAP or API solution, but right away and every time after.

Confusable domains, misleading links, cross-site xss URL's, and malicious redirects are identified and filtered out. And like the brand impersonation models, INKY’s link protection knows where an email link should be taking you. INKY will display the real destination of the URL link in a safe preview screenshot isolating the user from the malicious web page.

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Dangerous Links Clicked

See what types of threats have been clicked and block them from further damage.

Administrators can see every dangerous link that has been clicked and make informed decisions about how to handle similar threats.

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