Got a Minute Podcast Series

Enjoy our "Got a Minute" video series where our Solutions Engineer, Michel Young does 'hot takes' and quick 2-minute interviews with a series of guests on various topics.

E001 - What is Phishing?

In our first episode, Solutions Engineer Michel Young interviews our CEO, Dave Baggett, while they breakdown the concept of phishing. An old topic that just keeps on staying relevant in the world of cybersecurity.

E002 - Tax Season - Seasonal Phishing Attacks

In episode 2, Michel Young and Dave Baggett discuss "Tax Season" and what comes along with it.

E003 - The Villain is in the Building - CEO Impersonation

In episode 3, Michel Young and Dave Baggett talk about CEO Impersonation along with other impersonations to be aware of.

E004 - Brand Impersonation Attacks and Computer Visualization

Episode 4, Michel and Dave discuss how INKY acts as a recipient to spot out brand impersonations of well-known and trusted companies.

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