Phishing Protection for Healthcare

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Healthcare: A Rich Target

The healthcare industry attracts criminals initiating business email compromise (BEC) campaigns by way of phishing attacks. Healthcare receives such unwanted attention because of its unique vulnerabilities. The healthcare ecosystem is large and diverse, with many different types of organizations — hospitals, clinics, researchers, healthcare professionals, medical staff, laboratories, patients, employers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, insurance companies, government bodies, and others — all interacting with each other on a regular basis via email. This complexity is ripe for exploitation.

The sheer amount of value flowing through healthcare makes it a prime target for phishers. Add to that providers’ legal obligation to keep records secure and face stiff fines if patient information is breached. For pharmaceutical firms and equipment manufacturers, there’s the additional risk of a successful BEC campaign draining valuable intellectual property from the organization.

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Prying Open a Healthcare Organization.

A BEC attack against a healthcare organization begins with a phishing email that fools an individual into taking an action that allows attackers to commandeer that person's computer and use it to take control of surrounding computers on the same network.



A Close to Perfect Imitation of a Legitimate Medical Order

The best phishing emails are near-perfect replicas of legitimate ones. The most sophisticated criminals tailor phishing emails to their target, spoofing real emails that the recipient is likely to receive. These perpetrators are after high-value objectives and surveil their marks attentively to craft an effective pitch.

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The Worst Ones are Hard to See.

The most dangerous phish — the ones that can jeopardize an entire organization — have never been seen before. They’re hand-tooled. When they arrive, there is no exact template that will identify them as dangerous.

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Can you rely on your end-users to be on high-alert for all of these phishing tactics across all devices?

Detect images_icon

Brand Hijacking

Detect brand-indicative and scam-indicative images using computer vision models.

Text Macthing_icon

Text Anomalies

Find brand-indicative and scam-indicative text using approximate matching.

Determine Brand_icon

Brand Impersonation

Determine the apparent brand using color palette, layout features, prominent text, and more.

Zero Font_icon

Zero Font

Pinpoint zero-font and other forms or hidden text.


Text Cloaking

Identify Unicode homographs, typos, and other text cloaking.

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