Play tough defense against email threats.

Keep bad actors out and coach users to make safe decisions – everywhere, all the time – with the only behavioral email security platform.

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Email Security Platform

INKY's behavioral email security platform catches everything.

Like a security coach, it signals suspicious behaviors with interactive banners that guide users to take safe action on any device or email client. IT teams don’t face the burden of filtering every email themselves or maintaining multiple systems. Through powerful technology and intuitive user engagement, INKY keeps bad actors out for good.



Block phishing and coach users in real time.

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Internal Mail


Protect internal email traffic against account takeovers.

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Prevent data loss with interactive safeguards for outgoing emails.

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Detect deeply hidden malware from inbound attachments.

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Guard sensitive data with fast and simple encryption.

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Key Capabilities

Phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches for companies and the hooks are getting sharper. Most people don't realize how far the problem has advanced. Today's criminals employ a variety of incredibly sophisticated techniques that elude even the most skeptical and well-trained eyes. This is where INKY excels. Through innovative computer vision, AI, and machine learning INKY catches everything.


The Banner

Color-coded banners on every email offer threat assistance to your employees in real-time.

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Mobile Protection

Email protection that works across any device and any email client.

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The Dashboard

Admins have complete control over customization and how your end-users will interact with INKY's banners.

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Computer Vision

Self-adapting AI algorithms and a deep understanding of how email works is what makes INKY effective at keeping up with zero-day attacks.

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Social Graphing

INKY gets to know users and detects anyone impersonating someone from within the organization or external.

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Identify, analyze, and remediate from one pane of glass, making it easy to identify trends and share reports with the executive team.

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Coach users to make smart decisions – everywhere, all the time.

Periodic email security training is no match for distracted, busy users. Instead, continuously coach everyone to make safe choices in real time across any device or email client.

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Ease the burden on your IT team.

INKY is like a security guide sitting on every user’s shoulder, helping them decide if an email is safe – meaning fewer tickets and more focus for IT.

fast-to-installFast to install

Admins have complete control over setup and total flexibility in managing how your end-users will interact with INKY's banners.

easy-to-manageEasy to manage

Reporting and Visualization Tools gives you in-depth awareness of all email activity at all times.

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