Computer Vision is What Sets INKY Apart

Hackers excel at creating fake emails that it's nearly impossible for end-users to tell the difference between a real email and a fraudulent email these days. 

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Over two dozen computer-vision and text analysis models see an email much like a person does — only better.

INKY's clear differentiator is that we are able to look at an email much like a human does. The criminal wants you to believe that the email is from a brand or person you trust, so INKY has built models that essentially mimic what a human sees when they receive an email. We can tell whom an email is supposed to be from and confirm it’s the actual sender. We use brand forgery detection, user profiling, and social network mapping techniques to monitor emails. 

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We meticulously analyze an email in seconds before it gets delivered.

As an email passes through INKY Phish Fence the message is rendered in a headless chrome browser and meticulously analyzed. Header and Source IP Reputations are checked, WHOIS / Valid Sender Domains are analyzed, DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records are analyzed

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Brand Impersonation

Then we take the technology a step further.

Where INKY is more effective than other solutions, is in the next-generation computer vision models that are built into the technology. Not only does it look at all the standard stuff email security solutions are supposed to look at, the INKY platform also:

Check_iconCompares the logo in the message to the company’s actual logo on their website.

Check_iconEnsures the image is the correct color, font, shape, and size.

Check_iconEvaluates the links to confirm they connect to an authenticated website associated with the brand.

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Stop phishing attacks in real-time once and for all with sophisticated next-gen technology.

Traditional Security Email Gateways (SEGs) can’t compare to INKY’s level of detection because they rely upon old-school Bayesian filtering rules and out-of-date messaging blacklists/RBLs. As a result, INKY catches all malicious emails after they have made it through other email security programs.


Can you rely on your end-users to be on high-alert for all of these phishing tactics across all devices?

Detect images_icon

Brand Hijacking

Detect brand-indicative and scam-indicative images using computer vision models.

Text Macthing_icon

Text Anomalies

Find brand-indicative and scam-indicative text using approximate matching.

Determine Brand_icon

Brand Impersonation

Determine the apparent brand using color palette, layout features, prominent text, and more.

Zero Font_icon

Zero Font

Pinpoint zero-font and other forms or hidden text.


Text Cloaking

Identify Unicode homographs, typos, and other text cloaking.

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