Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) cybercrime is growing in popularity…and complexity. INKY stops these hard-to-detect attacks from wreaking havoc on your organization.

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What is Business Email Compromise?

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a term that covers a set of behaviors having to do with how criminals impersonate a trusted figure or institution, gain access to an organization’s email system, target an individual with access to important assets (money, intellectual property), study their habits, style, and social graph, and, finally, fool that individual into compromising the organization (divulging secrets, sending money).

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Why should you be concerned?

BEC is a concern for everyone since any organization can be subject to a successful BEC attack. BEC methods are well understood by phishers, BEC tools are readily available on the darknet, and the risk-reward equation is favorable to phishers. To them, the cost of a campaign failure is close to zero, the risk is low because they can launch an attack without exposing themselves personally, and the potential payout is high. The FBI reports that victim’s losses due to cybercrime in 2020 totaled $4.2 billion. Read The Heavy Toll of Phishing in 2020 - What the FBI Results Show to learn more about this growing threat facing businesses.

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How does INKY protect against BEC attacks?

INKY’s approach to anti-phishing technology stops BEC attacks in their tracks. Immediately after installation, INKY begins to track who sends an email to whom, establishing a social graph. And not just who is sending, but what their attributes are. 

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INKY is always learning, always monitoring, and knows your users

Through a technique called stylometry, INKY establishes a profile for what an email from a particular sender should look like (e.g., their usual signoff, types of punctuation typically used, primary location, email platform and device type, etc). INKY then uses cluster analysis to decide if the set of attributes of any incoming email fits with the known sender profile. If the metrics show that the style is too far out of line with the sender profile, INKY warns the recipient with a color-coded banner.

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