Block phishing and coach users in real time.

Shuts down impersonators by detecting unusual behavior.

Phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches for companies, and the hooks are getting sharper. INKY’s innovative technology excels where legacy solutions fall short.


Content Disarm & Reconstruct

Parses every HTML email and reconstructs it to ensure malicious content doesn’t make it through.

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Computer Vision

Sees emails much like a person would — but better — so even very convincing forgeries get blocked.

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Social Graphing

Builds dynamic profiles and behavior models of senders to block impersonation attempts.

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Coach users to make the right moves.

Like a security coach, the INKY Email Assistant signals suspicious behaviors with interactive banners that guide users to take safe action. The assistant turns real emails into teachable moments, training users on potential threats and empowering them to report emails on any device or email client.

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Make life easier for IT.

While the Email Assistant guides users and keeps them productive, IT can view the entire email security landscape from the INKY Dashboard. The Dashboard enables IT to identify, analyze, and remediate from one pane of glass. This makes it easy to identify trends and share reports with the executive team.

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Educational Resources

Most Phished Brands Cover Image
The Top 25 Most Phished Brands

Over the course of 12 months, INKY's Inbound Mail Protection solution tracked brand impersonations, detecting a total of 40,906 unique campaigns. This report ranks these brand impersonations by frequency and details how they were used in attempts to breach targeted networks.

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How a Ransomware Attack Unfolds

In this Understanding Phishing guide, we lay out the methods used by ransomware attackers and make the connection between ransomware and phishing.

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Understanding CEO Impersonation

CEO Impersonation attacks or sometimes they're referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC, including wire fraud attacks, have become a favorite for cybercriminals because of the potential to trick employees into taking the bait.

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