Protect Internal Email Traffic Against Phishing

Internal Mail Protection protects an organization’s email traffic from Account Takeover (ATO) attacks.

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Compromised email accounts let the bad guys in.

Today, sophisticated hackers tunnel across the organizational chart looking for pay dirt. Having protection against external threats alone just isn't enough. Once the phisher is in they can move laterally through an internal email that appears trustworthy. INKY mitigates these internal phish.

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Block threats with artificial intelligence that understands behavior.

INKY builds dynamic profiles or behavior models of originating senders with software modules using stylometry and social graphing. As the models grow, INKY uses anomaly detection to filter out and block impersonation attempts.

INKY observes incoming email and builds a model of:

inky_pricing_checkmark_pink Email addresses typically used by the sender

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkDisplay name for each sender (i.e., Barry C. vs. Barry Cuda)

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkLocation from which the sender primarily transmits mail (home/office/traveling)

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkDevice type from which the sender typically dispatches mail (mobile device, Mac/PC, or tablet), and

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkEmail client used by the sender (i.e., Outlook for the PC, Apple Mail client for iPad/iPhone, or Gmail app).

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Coach users to stop and think before they act.

The INKY Email Assistant gives recipients a visual cue to hesitate before reacting to an email. After INKY analyzes messages, employees receive real-time feedback as to what, if anything, is fraudulent about the message. Because the banners are HTML-based, they work on any device or email client.

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Fast alerts mean IT can stop takeovers in their tracks.

The INKY Dashboard gives IT the ability to find and remove dangerous messages from their recipients’ mailboxes. With this remediation, IT has the tools it needs to protect against malicious lateral movement across the internal email infrastructure.

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