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INKY is the most effective solution against the war against phishing and the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization.



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Anti-Phishing Protection

The Threat Today

Despite best efforts, existing software technologies lack the ability to deal with a threat that has grown increasingly targeted, sophisticated, and lethal. Among the legions of challenges in email security, preventing phishing attacks remains among the toughest.

Existing solutions aren't working.

The threat landscape changes daily, but phishing is a whole new breed of challenge, and the hooks are getting sharper. Too many attacks are getting by and preventing phishing is a challenge because IT departments can’t keep up.

Employees are still getting phished.

When attacks slip through existing solutions, they are so sophisticated that even with training, the human eye can’t always detect signs of fraud and employees are taking the bait due to lack of phishing security awareness.


Lost productivity icon

Productivity Lost

Email is critical to employee productivity. The loss of access to email because of a phishing attack is huge.

Financial Loss Icon

Financial Loss

A single phishing attack can be financially devastating, and cost your organization billions of dollars.

Reputation Destroyed Icon

Reputation Destroyed

Building companies and brands takes dedication, which will be wiped out instantaneously if a cybercriminal succeeds.

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Data Compromised

Data breaches almost always start with phishing. Stolen data can mean massive fines and lawsuits to your company.


Introducing INKY

INKY is an affordable cloud-based email security platform designed to be far more than artificially intelligent. She understands email, searches for signs of fraud, and can spot imposters by a pixel. That’s why INKY is the only solution that can prevent phishing by catching pretty much everything from spam and malware, to the deepest and darkest threats.

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Uniquely Effective

INKY detects phishing attacks using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Deploys Effortlessly icon

Deploys Effortlessly

Integrates into your existing systems within minutes with zero down-time.


Simple to Administer icon

Simple to Administer

Our advanced dashboard gives you complete visibility and tracking into threats being blocked.

Works Everywhere icon

Works Everywhere

INKY works on any device by placing warning banners directly in the email, offering guidance for suspicious emails.

According to the FBI, $3.5 billion is lost to email fraud every year.

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Understanding Phishing

Phishing is a complicated threat that evolves daily. Use these resources to learn more about the challenges of email security.


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Email remains the most durable and effective form of communication for organizations in the digital era. INKY protects the integrity of email.

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Bestowed with a unique intelligence and guided by unprecedented vision, INKY is the new solution in the war against phishing, and the smartest investment you can make to secure your organization.

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