The New Standard for Email Security Awareness Training 

Educate employees with training and phishing simulation that is engaging, effective, and simple.

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Email Security Training Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Cybersecurity awareness training is a requirement for most businesses today. From cyber insurance companies to industry regulators, compliance is achieved through mandatory learning systems. But just because it is mandatory, doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining! INKY offers training that is so easy to use and engaging that employees often finish early. Content is continuously updated to keep up with the latest threats.

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Videos that are Short and Memorable

Training employees on cybersecurity requires a creative approach. We are constantly creating and experimenting with new formats to enhance learning.

  • Micro-Learning
    Fast paced one-minute videos keep employees engaged.
  • Real Life Stories
    Short mini-documentaries based on real-life scams.
  • Whiteboard Animation
    Drawn explainer videos that are easy to follow and entertaining. 
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Teach Employees to Spot Phishy Emails

INKY makes it easy to automate phishing simulation training for your employees. Set and forget campaigns that train them to recognize and report phishing emails. The offering includes:
•    A Complete Phishing Calendar for 2023
•    Customizable Phishing Template Editor
•    Advanced Phishing Simulator
•    Weekly Progress Reports

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Easy to Deploy and Manage

No more spending hours on individual customer and team setups. INKY saves precious time by simplifying adding new teams, creating users, creating campaigns, and allocating training modules in one go!

The dashboard provides an overview of your teams’ progress towards training goals with automated reports, reminders, and gamification to motivate completion. It also has a review and feedback feature to increase employee engagement. Stay on top of training progress and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

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