A User Study of Warning Banners in Emails to Reduce Clicks on Malicious Emails

While the usefulness of INKY is intuitively obvious, INKY wanted to have a definitive and scientifically sound study performed to statistically prove what anecdotal evidence implied. INKY retained Secure Mentem to perform a study with scientific rigor that examined how effective INKY banners were in influencing user determination of the safety of a given email message.


2022 secure mentem report cover[3086]

Secure Mentem designed a study that showed a control group of recipients 500 email messages, approximately 100 of which were phishing attacks (collected from the Internet) while 400 were safe. We then showed a test group of recipients the same messages with embedded INKY banners. The control group of 100 users evaluated the messages without the banners, and a similar size test group evaluated the same messages with the banners.

The study showed that recipients guided by banners were significantly more likely to identify phishing messages correctly. The study also found that recipients were better able to accurately identify safe emails when they were marked with banners.

Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

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