Phishing Security for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 apps and email are highly valued by scammers, putting businesses at risk for major losses.

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INKY phishing attack software uses a powerful machine learning and computer vision platform.

With enhanced Microsoft Office 365 security, users can collaborate with familiar Office applications from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. Like all useful technologies, Office 365 is a major target for cybercriminals who employ clever phishing schemes and other cunning tactics that Office 365 and traditional third-party security systems can’t always detect.

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Built for Cloud Solutions

INKY was developed to work seamlessly with Office 365, with custom implementation specific to the Office 365 platform. It integrates quickly and easily. INKY can also roll out in stages for easy implementation.


INKY Runs in the Cloud

INKY was born in the cloud and as such, can easily be deployed with an Office 365 conversion or added to an existing set-up.

Scalable and Secure

Fully Scalable and Highly Secure

INKY deploys inline, integrating with Office 365. It is scalable, adapting to any size organization, and secure enough to meet government requirements.


Office 365

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INKY runs in the cloud as a platform-independent solution that protects all users, regardless of device or location.

Microsoft Office 365 is appealing to organizations because of flexibility – users aren’t tethered to a specified workstation, allowing greater freedom and mobility. While a breath of fresh air, this creates special security concerns:

INKY Prevents Spear Phishing Attacks That Others Miss

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Thwarts Sophisticated Scams

Machine learning and computer vision are the heart and soul of INKY. Our system inspects every single element of an email to uncover dangerous communications. Whether malicious software, a perfect brand forgery, or a compromised email, INKY analyzes code and images to stop scams before your business is harmed.


Works Anywhere, Across All Devices

With the convenience of BYOD and overall accessibility of Office 365, the inherent disparity of machines connecting to resources or sending emails presents a major security concern. INKY runs on a secure cloud installation where it instantly parses all elements of an email to protect your business, regardless of where you work. INKY’s email protection warnings appear directly in the email message, whether on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Detects and Prevents Zero-Day Attacks

The most successful kinds of attacks are those that have yet to be launched. Traditional security requires an identifying characteristic to present itself in an email or attachment to recognize danger. With INKY, algorithms developed with machine learning rapidly evolve to uncover zero-day attacks that other systems miss.

INKY Mobile

Office 365 is a Target for the Unscrupulous

Many businesses believe the cloud to be mostly impervious to problems plaguing desktops and other devices. While less prone to traditional viruses, many companies are surprised to learn that Office 365 and other cloud applications become compromised through email scams. INKY finds issues before they reach your hosted systems, and either warns the user or blocks the email.

Intuitive Dashboard and Reporting

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