The Inky Difference
Block Malware and Ransomware

Block Malware and Ransomware with Comprehensive Protection

Inky’s proprietary machine learning algorithms detect and block malware-laden phishing emails.

Over two-thirds of all malware infections begin with an infected email attachment.

Malware infections are a significant threat to organizations, with the cost of a malware attack averaging $2.4 million USD. Phishing emails are the primary delivery mechanism for malware and over 30% of phishing emails are opened by their recipient. 12% of users will either click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment within the phishing email, potentially infecting their computer and the network with malware.

A comprehensive anti-phishing solution is crucial to block ransomware attacks, and Inky’s approach is radically different than what’s on the market. Contact Inky to learn more about how to protect your organization and claim your two-week free trial.

Anti-Malware Protection

Malicious attachments are one way that attackers use phishing emails to infect target computers. Inky includes state-of-the-art malware and spam detection to identify and block infected content.

Deep Link Inspection

Malicious links are a common feature of phishing emails. Inky simulates a click through to the target of each link included in a received email, and checks the resulting webpage for signs of phishing or other malicious content. Emails pointing to malicious sites are marked with warnings or quarantined.

HTML Sanitization

HTML provides emails with an increased level of configurability, but also makes it possible to embed malicious executable code within emails. By default, Inky identifies and blocks code that performs cross-site scripting (XSS), JavaScript, and CSS attacks.

Phishing emails can infect computers in many different ways.

Microsoft Office Macros

Macros are a feature of Microsoft Office that allow users to automate repetitive tasks. However, Office macros are extremely powerful and, if allowed to execute, can install malware on a computer. Phishers will create malicious Office documents and attach them to a phishing email that convinces readers to open them and allow macros to run.

Malicious Links

Embedding links within emails is a convenient way for the sender to direct readers to their website to perform an action or receive more information. Phishers create malicious websites that infect visitors’ computers with malware and write phishing emails that convince readers to click on a link to the malicious site.

Infected PDFs:

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is notorious for being prone to vulnerabilities that can be exploited to run code on a computer. Phishers take advantage of this by creating PDFs designed to install malware and attaching these PDFs to phishing emails. The emails will be crafted to convince readers to open the PDF, infecting their computer.

Embedded Code

HTML emails allow more individuality in emails by including scripts and style information that enable animations and other functionality. Phishers will include malicious scripts in phishing emails that take advantage of the opportunity to run code on the reader’s computer to install malware.

What Makes Inky Different for
Business Email Compromise Protection?

Inky Detects Even Zero-Day Exploits

Most anti-phishing software only rely on databases of known attackers and attacks to detect malicious emails.  Inky goes further than this, with deep link inspection and HTML sanitization protect against even unknown attacks by blocking or warning about suspicious content.

Inky is Incredibly Easy for the User

Cloud based, Inky does not require a separate installation on client devices. Reporting links are built into every email, making it easy even on mobile devices for Inky users to take action against phishing attacks. Warning banners are visible and informative, providing timely training about suspicious content in an email.


Inky is Easy for Admins

Inky integrates directly with an Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange server and is easily installed within 1-2 hours. No client software is required, making deployment to an entire organization easy. Inky’s server integration is designed to be seamless but secure, taking advantage of built-in configuration options.

Complete Security Visibility

Inky comes with an Administrative Dashboard that collects and aggregates data regarding the current state of an organization’s anti-phishing security. Admins can view and run queries against both historical and current data for their organization.


Inky® protects your organization from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks.


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