The Microsoft Table Logo Impersonation Scam

In January 2021, we began to see a new phishing technique that featured cleverly constructed emails infused with an HTML table impersonating the Microsoft logo. Learn more in this special report on this novel phishing tactic.

Email Security Report - Microsoft Table Logo Impersonation Scam - cover-V2

Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World
$10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

In this report, we analyze this most recent discovery, which we call the Microsoft HTML Table Logo Impersonation.

What's inside this guide:

  • The history of brand forgery or logo impersonation and why Microsoft is the most impersonated brand for phishing attempts
  • Examples of phishing emails that use this new tactic
  • A look "under the hood" at how this type of phish is slipping through the traditional SEGs


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