Quashing the Phishing Epidemic

While vendors are hard at work building sophisticated email security controls intended to stop phishing tactics, attackers continue to prevail, evading even the most advanced analytics. New, innovative email security solutions that directly involve the end-user are showing real promise in combating email-borne threats.

ESG Report 2021 Cover

Email provides attackers with a direct line of communication to end-users. Using a plethora of deceptive phishing tactics,
adversaries continue to be successful at convincing users to execute malicious software, visit impersonated websites, turn
over sensitive data, and provide valuable inside information that can help inform and orchestrate attack objectives.

Despite what appears to be a rather simple mechanism, email communications combine the use of text; invisible text; multiple forms of graphics (including invisible and impersonated graphics); an array of file attachments (including executable code); visible, invisible, and obscured links, sender names, and domains; plus, obscured names and domains. These details create a massive opportunity for deception techniques, challenging even the most sophisticated analytics and security solutions.

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Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

INKY is a cloud-based email security solution that blocks spam, malware, and — most importantly — phishing attacks. Utilizing computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning INKY catches everything. Driven, curious, mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line, INKY adds a thin—but powerful— layer of protection like no other.