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Phishing attacks that impersonate trusted individuals rise by 50% over the past quarter – IT Governance

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What is the INKY Free Phishing Security Test?

INKY’s free phishing test allows you to check if your online account is compromised. Unlike the competition, INKY uses a three-pronged approach to combat phishing threats and scams. Through computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and over 2 dozen algorithms working together, we scan every element of your email instantly behind the scenes to block and quarantine existing and potential spam, malware and phishing attempts.

INKY can see things humans cannot like potentially malicious code in email attachments. INKY’s uniqueness is in its combination of computer vision, machine learning, and brand forgery detection can spot deviations from the expected and alert you immediately.

It only takes one person to click, even by mistake. Protect your employees with INKY.


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Phishing Awareness Training

When marking an email as potentially suspicious, INKY includes information about the specific threat that the email may contain. This trains you and your employees on what to look for, while providing real-time education about threats to your organization.

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The Truth Behind Phishing

Phishing is more than junk email. Phishing targets human beings. Hackers exploit human weakness by relying on employees clicking on malicious urls embedded in email copy and designed to compromise enterprise systems. The cost of credential compromises:


  • 1.5 mil new phishing sites are created each month, according to the Webroot Threat Report
  • 76% of business reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year, according to Wombat Security State of the Phish
  • 99% of email scams exploit human weakness, according to IT Governance
  • $1.6the average cost of a phishing attack costing a mid-size company, according to PhishMe Inc
  • 1/3 of consumers said they would stop dealing with a business following a cyber-security breach, even if they do not suffer a material loss, according to Deloitte

Humans are far easier to fool. But INKY Isn’t.


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Email phishing is still the world's biggest cybersecurity threat. INKY's next-generation solution is easy to administer but catches phishing attempts that other solutions miss. We are always looking for new technology and are pleased to be the first to offer INKY in the U.K.
John Quinn, CEO
Progress Distribution