AI-Facilitated Product Aims to Stop Spear-Phishing Attacks

Phishing -- from bulk spam phishing to more targeted spear-phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks -- is the number one attack vector faced by business today.

According to Wombat, 76% of organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2017. According to Symantec, by the end of 2017 the average user received 16 malicious emails per month. According to the FBI, global BEC losses from October 2013 to December 2016 had reached $5.3 billion -- a figure that Trend Micro believes could expand to $9 billion for 2018 alone.

INKY, founded in 2008 by Dave Baggett and Simon Smith, has today launched a new AI-based anti-phishing product: INKY Phish Fence. The product is designed to recognize phishing emails. It integrates with Office 365 and Google Cloud services. Incoming mail can be marked clean, suspicious or malicious. Such emails can be dropped, quarantined, or delivered with an inserted banner (yellow or red) to warn the user.

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