Authentico and INKY Technology Announce Collaboration Agreement

Authentico, The IT security company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, today announced it has entered into a partnership with INKY Technology Corporation, a pioneer in next-gen email phishing protection.

Authentico leverages its patented technology Ciphra, to secure passwords and personal data for companies with online platforms.  INKY provides next-generation solutions to identify and prevent phishing attacks launched via email.  The company’s unique banner technology allows users, on any device, to determine the origin and status of an incoming email.

The collaboration means that Authentico can now offer INKY’s protection against phishing in combination with its Ciphra-backed solution for theft of passwords via e-mail. Customers will benefit from the combined solution on a single platform.   

“This agreement broadens our product portfolio and provides new channels for our growth. We’ll start by providing INKY’s solution in our networks and INKY will soon start offering Authentico’s solution to their users”, said Martin Fabiansson, CEO Authentico. 

Through the collaboration, Authentico now offers password protection, user identity and advanced protection against phishing. Long term plans call for the companies to eventually be able to integrate the services, offering a complete solution, with INKY protecting against online attacks and Authentico protecting against offline attacks and securing login data.

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