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INKY Enhances Next-Gen Email Phishing Protection Solution with Account Takeover Protection

College Park, MD – October 20, 2020 – INKY Technology Corporation, a pioneer in next-gen email phishing protection, today announced the addition of Account Takeover (ATO) Protection to the company’s INKY Phish Fence Platform. Email is an inherently trusted means of communicating for business, if cybercriminals compromise just one email account, they can gain trusted access to an organization's whole network.

INKY is the only vendor in the cybersecurity industry that uses innovative machine learning techniques referred to as stylometry, and social graphing, to create individual sender profiles and block ATO attacks for users and most importantly, third-parties. 

“We are seeing cybercriminals routinely use ATO attacks to evade SEG reputational filters and even impersonate the specific people whose accounts they’ve compromised. Outside of employees, the real concern is third-party ATO, as organizations can't force vendors to implement multi-factor authentication,” said Dave Baggett, CEO at INKY. “With INKY’s new ATO Protection approach, organizations can stop these attacks in their tracks before they wreak havoc and steal proprietary information.”

ATO attacks allow adversaries to impersonate employees and leverage that access to exploit third-party vulnerabilities which can cause widespread collateral loss.  Because these attacks appear to be coming from a trusted source, they are inherently difficult to detect. INKY solves this problem by using stylometry and other elements from emails to build sender profiles and catch attempts to forge email from known users — even when those forgeries come from the real senders’ actual email accounts.

“INKY’s approach to protecting against account takeover attacks is the only real solution I’ve seen on the market-to-date. Many vendors are claiming the ability to solve this problem, but lack the technological advancement to back it up,” said Ron Gula, President & Co-Founder at Gula Tech Adventures. “This is the biggest development I’ve seen in the email security market in recent years.” 

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INKY has also created an “Understanding Phishing Account Takeover Guide,” which can be downloaded here:


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