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INKY Phish Fence Can Now Protect G Suite Accounts

INKY announces that INKY Phish Fence can now protect G Suite accounts from phishing with the INKY Phish Fence Chrome extension. INKY Phish Fence instantly analyzes a G Suite email and warns the user if there is anything suspicious, misleading or fraudulent about the email.

Email-based phishing now dominates headlines, driving over a billion dollars a year of wire fraud and widespread identity theft. Uniquely, INKY Phish Fence marshals over two dozen machine learning algorithms to identify and block these new phishing strains, by examining headers, text, domain names, and imagery to spot forgeries that humans miss.

INKY Phish Fence interacts with users in a new way too: IT staff can configure INKY to quarantine malicious email but deliver questionable email, giving end users specific feedback about each message right inside Outlook or Gmail. This both educates users and mitigates the frustrating ”where did my email go?” false positives. It’s like having a cybersecurity expert standing guard as end users follow their normal email workflow.

Because INKY Phish Fence was built for Office 365 and G Suite, it deploys to an entire organization in minutes, without any DNS or MX record changes. So every company, large and small, can immediately benefit from smarter phishing protection.