The 10 most innovative security companies of 2022

Our most innovative security companies of 2022 run the gamut from helping consumers control access to their data to protecting marketers from unintentionally paying to show ads to bots. What most have in common is using software, including artificial intelligence, to help humans make the most informed decisions possible about managing security risks. That’s because while some security breaches do arise from sophisticated hackers harnessing previously unknown flaws in software, many also involve humans being tricked into falling for scams or simply making mistakes: 85% of breaches studied by Verizon for its 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report “involved a human element.”



For spotting phishing emails that other security systems miss

In this era of crypto mining and ransomware, phishing doesn’t seem like a super-sexy security risk—more like a horse and buggy rolling along the shoulder of a highway where Lambos and McLarens are drag racing. But according to a 2021 report from Cisco, phishing still accounts for 90% of all breaches. Phish Fence, INKY’s core product, uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to detect bogus emails capable of evading the secure email gateways (SEG) most companies deploy. In July 2021, INKY rolled out Internal Mail Protection to apply the same protocols to intraoffice emails, which phishers frequently hijack after having gained access to an employee’s account. This additional layer of protection helped INKY expand its customer base across such fields as energy and IT, grow to serve more than 500 enterprises, and increase an estimated 70% year over year.

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