Phishing Protection
for Small Business

Installs in minutes. Protects for a lifetime.

Small businesses on Microsoft 365 looking to protect up to 250 mailboxes can get protected from phishing attacks today through a quick and easy self-install method.
Start below as we guide you through the process:

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What's your biggest email security concern?

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) cybercrime is growing in popularity…and complexity.

CEO Impersonation

CEO Fraud is when impostors either act under CEO identities or earn the trust of high-profile users for financial gain.

Brand Impersonation

Brand forgery emails look like a legitimate email from a brand you know and trust– but it’s not really from that brand.

Mobile Attacks

The design of mobile interfaces are purposefully simple and minimal, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this new entry-point to your business.

Account Takeover

Account Takeover Fraud is on the rise, and INKY has a unique and innovative way to detect these types of fraudulent attacks.

Reducing Clicks

INKY’s banner is a seamless system that catches the most elusive threats while protecting, training, and empowering users across the enterprise.

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Let's take a tour!

Next, we'll take a tour of INKY's admin control panel and reporting tool. We put the power of customization, visibility, email remediation, and more in one easy-to-use admin panel. On the next screen, we will take a walk-through of what you can expect once the installation is complete.


Threat Details

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Full list of all messages INKY has processed providing quick searching, allow/block list capabilities, and remediation.



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Manage INKY Phish Fence security settings (more detail found in Admin Guide).



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Configure custom branding options for the INKY banner and landing pages.


VIP List

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Manage individual users on the VIP list to protect against VIP Impersonation.


Allow and Block List

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Manage entries on the INKY Allow and Block list for your team.


Admin List

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Add additional admins to be able to access the INKY Dashboard.

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Tour complete!

Now is a good time to make sure you've got everything you'll need to have a smooth and fast installation. Here's a checklist of what you'll need before beginning. When you're ready, click 'Continue' to proceed.

Checkmark-whiteMicrosoft 365 Global Admin access

Checkmark-whiteUS, Canada, or UK Credit Card

Checkmark-white 30-60 minutes of time

Checkmark-whiteMicrosoft 365 Microsoft Graph API permission

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You are ready to install!

By clicking continue you'll be directed to which is our installation site. You'll step through a series of pages to make installation quick and easy and when complete your mailboxes will be protected by the most effective solution in the war against phishing.

Prefer to do an installation with one of Phish Fence Installation Experts?

Click here to schedule an installation.

You might still be wondering...

  • What are the system requirements to use automated install process? i
    To perform an INKY self-install you must have admin credentials to your Microsoft 365 tenant. That’s it! INKY will automatically determine whether your tenant meets the requirements for a fully automated install. Most Microsoft 365 tenant installs will be “out of the box”.
  • Is it safe to give you my credentials? i
    Yes. INKY never stores your credentials, for any purpose. All authentication is performed via OAuth, and you will be explicitly prompted to grant INKY the permissions required for the install. Your credentials are only ever stored by Microsoft, and INKY systems never have access to them. Instead INKY relies on Microsoft informing INKY that you successfully authenticated as a specific user, in a cryptographically secure way that transfers no credential information to INKY.
  • Why do I need to authenticate with Microsoft more than once? i
    To install, INKY briefly needs Global Admin access to your Microsoft 365 tenant configuration so it can run PowerShell commands on your behalf. Microsoft sensibly enforces strict policies on this kind of access, to prevent mistakes and malicious access. INKY also needs Graph API access. This is a separate and more restrictive set of permissions that allows INKY to determine which domains and users (email addresses) you have associated with your tenant – so INKY knows what to protect.
  • How long do you keep the Global Admin access I grant you? i
    We only use this permission transiently, during the installation process itself. We do not retain it after the install completes.
  • Why do you require a credit card? i
    We require a credit card to prevent fraud. Bad actors exploit and overrun open email services of all kinds, so we’ve made the difficult decision to require a credit card that passes fraud checks, even though this adds some friction to the process. We understand that this can be annoying and are open to hearing your feedback on alternative approaches to the fraud problem.
  • When will my credit card be charged? i
    Your credit card will NOT be charged at this time – it will only be verified at the moment. Your card will be charged after the trial period expires unless you cancel the service before that date. You will receive emails notifying you of the remaining time in the trial period. Once your card is charged at the end of the trial period, that will begin your monthly payment cycle. Some customers may see a $1 pending charge on your bank statement as part of the card authorization process. This is a temporary authorization charge and it will disappear from your statement.
  • How does INKY secure my credit card information? i
    INKY never stores any credit card information. Instead, INKY relies on our trusted payment partner Stripe for credit card processing.
  • How do I know you aren’t going to mess up my email? i
    The install process runs a validation process that analyzes your tenant. If it finds anything unusual or unsupported, it will tell you that you need to contact someone at INKY to complete the install. We’ve made the validation conservative to ensure INKY doesn’t install itself when it might cause a problem.
  • How much time will this free trial install process take? i
    The install itself is very quick – a few prompts on this site. It may take 30-60 minutes for the install to propagate through Microsoft’s infrastructure before you see INKY banners in your email.
  • Will I be able to control what INKY does? i
    Yes, you will have complete access to the INKY admin dashboard during the trial. This lets you tailor how INKY works for your users, customize the banners, etc.

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