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Small businesses on Microsoft 365 looking to protect 1 - 250 mailboxes can start using INKY today using our automated sign-up process.


INKY is also available for 251 or more mailboxes on Microsoft 365, GSuite or Exchange.
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For the first time, you can install a complete email security solution in just a few clicks and get started protecting your business today! 

Innovative use of machine learning is a powerful tool to prevent account takeover.

INKY knows your users and their behaviors. She uses innovative machine learning techniques referred to as stylometry and social graphing to create individual sender profiles and block these types of attacks for your users and most importantly, third-parties.

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Protect your employees across all devices from the most malicious zero-day phishing attacks.

The rate of phishing on mobile phones has risen sharply in the last 12 months, a boost most likely due to the increased number of people working from home, new research has found. The design of mobile interfaces are purposefully simple and minimal, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this new entry-point to your business. INKY's banners are here to stop phish from reaching your users.

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