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Spear Phishing Protection

Advanced Spear Phishing Protection for Business Email

With Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence, Inky takes a different approach to spear phishing protection.

Spear Phishing attacks are on the rise.

Spear phishing attacks are a sly offensive where an organization receives emails from an attacker who is impersonating someone else, maybe the CEO, CFO, a vendor, lawyer, or CPA.

Virtually anyone who uses email for communication is at risk of being exploited by spear phishing. The attacker masquerades as a trusted entity, to attempt to trick recipients with any of the following tactics:

Wiring funds to the attacker’s account under the guise of an authentic transaction.
Obtaining account credentials using the pretense of a trusted contact.
Paying an invoice that appears to come from a legitimate vendor or service provider.
Stealing proprietary company data or client account data via a false identity.

Inky Detects What Other Systems Cannot

Traditional systems rely on records of previously identified attacks, which does nothing to stop the deluge of new attacks launched every day. Inky’s Phish Fence employs computer vision, AI and machine learning to identify even zero-day phishing attacks.

Computer Vision "Sees" the Email

By seeing like a human does, Inky identifies logos and logo-like text to identify the brand as human eyes would. Further, it detects nearly imperceptible font and character anomalies that busy employees overlook.

Behavior Profiling through AI

Inky employs true machine learning to build data-rich social graphs of behavior, creating a profile for every sender. Should some piece of a communication not align with the profile, the system attaches a warning for a potential impersonation then learns from your feedback.

With Inky Phish Fence you can Protect Your Business

from these Common Spear Phishing Attacks

Targeted Email

Like modern marketing efforts designed to optimize conversion, spear phishing messages may be highly personalized. These kinds of communications instill a sense of trust, often including a harmless gesture like a discount for a product or service already used by the company, to get information or infect a device with malware.

CEO Fraud

In these cases, fraudsters charade as a company official like the CEO or another individual of influence. Over the course of a couple days, communications are relayed until a call to action is presented where individuals are sent to false page that installs unwanted software to gather information or obtains company information.

Cloned Phishing

An attacker will repurpose an existing communication and spoof one of the original sender addresses to appear legitimate. This social-engineering tactic has high success rates because the reader is caught off guard, familiar with the message, and typically would not closely inspect the email address. In a split second, the attacker is able to convince the reader to pay a fake invoice, or divulge damaging information.

Whaling Attacks

These kinds of attacks target high-profile users. By compromising another trusted contact’s identity, the attacker communicates with company figureheads such as the CEO or other C-level individuals to learn proprietary information or perform a money transfer.

Brand Forgery

Brand forgery occurs when an attacker mimics the official elements of a known brand, using logos and recognized phrases etc. to immediately establish trust with the email recipient. Often, a link is included to direct the recipient to a forged page where credentials can be stolen.

By detecting false sender information with Computer Vision analysis, Inky foils ALL manners of spear phishing.

Inky Prevents Spear Phishing Attacks that Others Miss

Computer Vision, AI and Machine Learning Protect Like Nothing Else

The Computer Vision algorithms at the core of the Inky system scan emails at a granular level to detect imperceptible anomalies in logos and logo-like text, email addresses, characters, fonts, and URLs. Sender Profiles are continually developed via machine learning that looks for changes in typical behavior.

Inky Runs in the Cloud

Our spear phishing protection software runs securely on our state-of-art infrastructure, making it a breeze to deploy. Usually in under an hour, we can protect an entire organization’s email system, whether using Office 365, an Exchange server, or G Suite.

Friendly With All Email Clients, Even Mobile

No matter whether you’re an Outlook traditionalist, or experimenting with the latest mobile email solutions, Inky integrates into almost any email solution. With just a click, the user can react to the warning banner right in the body of the email. This unique ease of use banner is one of our clients’ favorite features.

Protects and Educates Your Users

Inky’s suspicious email warnings give users the reasons an email was flagged, encouraging them to take a closer look and react with a quick click that the email is trusted, or is indeed suspicious. This aids employees in  spotting an email impersonation.

Gain Deeper Insight with the Inky Admin Dashboard

The highly robust dashboard in the Inky Admin panel organizes, archives, and displays all identified threats as well as blocked communications. An admin can analyze these communications with reporting tools to learn in-depth details about these attacks. This information is useful in adapting company security protocols.

Inky® protects your organization from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks.


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