Understanding Phishing:

Fake Attachments

Scammers have been sending malicious attachments for decades. These are files delivered alongside an email that do something bad when opened, and most mail protection systems have multiple countermeasures against them. We've seen an uptick in a new type of attack: malicious fake attachments.


INKY uses computer vision techniques to spot brand forgery emails. In a nutshell, we train models on brand-indicative imagery, colors, text, and layout features. So INKY learns to recognize when a mail looks like it’s from Microsoft, much like a person does. We’ve invested heavily in this technology to make it bulletproof.

Inside this guide you'll learn:

  • What is a "fake attachment"?
  • How to spot them
  • Countermeasures you can take now to prevent them from fooling your employees
  • and more!

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