Understanding Phishing:

Email Banner Effectiveness

Just in time phishing awareness and prevention. Anti-phishing email banners are the embodiment of the capabilities of an email security solution. Learn more in this guide that covers the why, how, and proof of their effectiveness.


Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

INKY-Banner-email-example-1One of INKY’s most distinguishing features is its banner system. While most of INKY's work detecting phish takes place “under the hood,” the banners are what recipients see. These distinctive yet unobtrusive signposts tell the reader where each email sits on the safe-dangerous spectrum. The color (gray, yellow, red) gives a general impression. The brief text phrases explain why INKY marked the email that way. The links in the banner allow the recipient to inquire further or report the mail to INKY staff for further analysis.

What's inside this guide:

  • Why visual cues in emails have proven to be more effective than phishing training programs 
  • Click-rate reporting from a customer before and after implementing INKY's banners 
  • Why user error is one of the most common security vulnerabilities in any organization


INKY is a cloud-based email security solution that blocks spam, malware, and — most importantly — phishing attacks. Utilizing computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning INKY catches everything. Driven, curious, mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line, INKY adds a thin—but powerful— layer of protection like no other.