Understanding Phishing:

CEO Impersonation

CEO Impersonation attacks or sometimes they're referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC), including wire fraud attacks, have become a favorite for cybercriminals because of the potential to trick employees into taking the bait. A successful attack usually means tricking the victims out of thousands of dollars. This is the most successful type of phishing tactic because they’re almost impossible for legacy email filters to catch.

ceo impersonation

CEO impersonation is a very common form of phishing, but it’s a bit difficult to discuss because by its very nature it tends to involve specific people and related personally identifiable information (PII). Because it’s so pervasive, CEO impersonation demands an installment of our Understanding Phishing series, and we’re going to cover it here.

What's inside this guide:

  • Examples of CEO Impersonation attempts on our employees (even we get phishing attempts regularly!)
  • We will examine and unpack tactics used by cybercriminals
  • Learn the techniques INKY uses to detect and prevent these attacks
  • and more!

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Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

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