How a Ransomware Attack Unfolds - book cover

Understanding Phishing:

How a Ransomware Attack Unfolds

In this Understanding Phishing guide, we lay out the methods used by ransomware attackers and make the connection between ransomware and phishing.

Since virtually everyone saw the Colonial Pipeline attack in the news media, ransomware has become a household word. Most people understand that ransomware involves black hats putting code on people’s computers that, once triggered, causes them to lock up, and some people even know that encryption is involved, but few are aware of the step-by-step details.

What's inside this guide:

  • How ransomware attacks continue to be successful despite having legacy security solution in place
  • An under the hood look at a ransomware phishing campaign
  • How to prevent ransomware attacks from doing widespread damage to your organization

Cybercrime Expected To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

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