Just-in-Time Email Security

Periodic email security training is no match for distracted, busy users. Instead, the INKY Email Assistant appears as an interactive banner that continuously coaches employees to make safe choices in real time.

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Coach Users to Make Safe Email Decisions

INKY blocks malicious email from impersonators and coaches employees how to handle suspicious emails.

With interactive banners that stand out when something’s dangerous, the Email Assistant encourages users to think before they act.

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Employees using INKY's Email Assistant are 48% better at making safe email security decisions.

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Real-Time Phishing Awareness Training

The assistant is a more effective learning tool than phishing simulation testing. Clicking the “Details” link explains exactly what is wrong with an email in plain language. This educates users on real-world threats in their inboxes.

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Report an Email from Anywhere

IT departments love the “Report This Email” link in the INKY Email Assistant. One click allows end users to report spam, phish, and other problematic emails from any device. Since email is increasingly consumed on mobile, INKY users are empowered to report potentially fraudulent emails from any device or email client, including iOS.

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Customize for a New Level of Assurance

The INKY Dashboard enables admins to easily configure their banner in numerous ways – such as custom images and logos – signaling to the recipient that approved company tools have scanned the email.

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Hear what our customers have to say about the INKY Email Assistant…

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“As for the INKY banners, you really can’t get anything on the market that looks as nice. You’re not ever going to find banners like these that list all the reasons why things are being flagged.”

Mike Trillo
Director of End-User Engineering, AGIO


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“Education about phishing was only taking us so far, and that wasn’t far enough. We are more comfortable now that our users are protected from an ever-increasing threat environment.”

Mike Collison
Director of IT, Auto Warehousing

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“INKY provides a great way to improve the visibility of potentially dangerous emails to staff, reduces the risk to the organization of someone unintentionally clicking a “bad link,” and makes emails appear more professional.”

Roger Gagnon
CIO/VP, Child Care Resource Center



See for yourself how effective the Email Assistant is at preventing phishing attacks.