The Next Generation of Email Protection.

Using the most advanced detection techniques INKY blocks malicious phishing attacks on Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google Workspace.


2020 Email Security Report

Learn what the most common phishing attacks for 2020 were, and what to expect in 2021.


The smartest investment you'll make in email security.

INKY uses machine learning and computer vision to identify and block zero-day phishing emails that get through legacy email systems. Using the most advanced detection techniques INKY blocks malicious phishing attacks on Microsoft O365, Exchange, and Google Workspace.

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INKY Fraud

Just-in-time phishing awareness training.

INKY's warning banners catch even the most elusive of threats, while protecting, training, and empowering users across the enterprise.

Deploys Effortlessly

INKY lives in the cloud and integrates seamlessly into your existing systems within minutes with zero downtime.

Works on Mobile

INKY's banners work on any device your employees are using and they can view threat details, and report emails anywhere they are.

Email security wherever your users are.

Mobile phishing protection that works wherever your employees are. Protect your business, anywhere employees are checking email.

Mobile devices have undoubtedly changed the lives of modern digital workers forever, increasing productivity and collaboration for most. 

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No additional installation needed.

No additional install. No need to manage a 3rd party app. Works on iPhone, Android, and Google.

Always "on" phishing protection.

INKY's banners are always visible across any device, no matter where you are.

Report messages from anywhere.

"Report this email" function works on desktop, mobile or tablet. Whenever a users finds a suspicious email, they can easily report the email to the admin to investigate further.

Stop, Remediate, and Block Account Compromise Attempts.

Email is a trusted form of communication in businesses. If just one account is compromised by handing over the username and password accidentally, cybercriminals gain trusted access to your whole network. Account Takeover Fraud is on the rise, and INKY has a unique and innovative way to detect these types of fraudulent attacks.

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INKY Knows Your Users

INKY uses innovative machine learning techniques referred to as stylometry and social graphing to create individual sender profiles and block these types of attacks for your users and most importantly, third parties.

Innovative Use of Machine Learning

INKY uses stylometry and other features from emails to build sender profiles and catch forgery attempts — even when those forgeries come from the real senders’ actual email accounts.

Remediate Attempts

With INKY's Email Remediation function, you'll be able to stop and remediate malicious emails from making widespread collateral damage.

INKY uses a different approach to protects against Business Email Compromise (BEC)

INKY uses computer vision algorithms to recognize brand-indicative design indicators, including fake logos that are convincing, text-only designs but no real logo image.

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INKY detects zero-day attacks

INKY uses computer vision algorithms to recognize brand-indicative design indicators, including fake logos that are convincing, text-only designs but no real logo image.

INKY learns patterns with behavior profiling.

When INKY sees an email from a sender that doesn’t match a known profile, it sends an impersonation warning.

Works with any email client

Whether you’re an Outlook traditionalist, or experimenting with the latest mobile email solutions, INKY integrates into almost any email solution.

Email remains the most durable and effective form of communication for organizations in the digital era. INKY protects the integrity of email.
Dave Baggett
Dave Baggett CEO and Founder, INKY Technology


Today, anyone can block spam. Malware is getting easier to prevent. But phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches for companies and the hooks are getting sharper. Most people don't realize how far the problem has advanced. Today's criminals employ a variety of incredibly sophisticated techniques that elude even the most skeptical and well-trained eyes. This is where INKY excels. Through innovative computer vision, AI, and machine learning INKY catches everything.

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    Color-coded banners on every email offer guidance alerting your employees to anything that seems amiss.

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  • Social Graphing Spoofed Sender 500x500

    Computer Vision is what sets INKY apart from other solutions. With self-adapting AI algorithms and a deep understanding of how email works INKY keeps up with how email is changing.

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  • social graphing INKY defends_2

    INKY gets to know users so that she can spot anyone trying to impersonate them with a phishing email or account takeover.

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  • SOC Dashboard w arrow

    Reporting and Visualization Tools gives you in-depth awareness of all email activity at all times.

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    The Dashboard gives admins complete control over set up and gives flexibility in managing how your end-users will interact with INKY's banners.

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  • Email Remediation_02

    INKY's Email Remediation function allows your security team the ability to react to security threats as they happen. When an email is delivered, it only takes seconds for a malicious email to wreak havoc on your organization. 

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Understanding Phishing:
Account Takeover

In Account Takeover (ATO) attacks a bad actor harvests, guesses, or brute-forces the password for an email account, and then uses this account to impersonate a person or brand. Learn more about ATO in this eGuide.


Stopping Phishing Attacks:
Closing the Mobile Gap

Mobile devices have become a critical tool for the modern worker, utilizing email as a core communications mechanism to engage in business activity. Read this report on the importance of closing the gap on mobile security vulnerabilities. 


woman sitting at computer w inky banner email
Understanding Phishing:
CEO Impersonation

CEO Impersonation attacks or sometimes they're referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC, including wire fraud attacks, have become a favorite for cybercriminals because of the potential to trick employees into taking the bait.


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