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Business Email Compromise Protection

Next-Level Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

Inky’s proprietary machine learning algorithms prevents BEC attacks that slip past other systems.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is, unfortunately, a thriving and growing scam globally that targets organizations of any size. 

According to the FBI, losses from BEC attacks total over billions of dollars per year. BEC security is now a necessary responsibility of every IT department. Though examples vary, the general anatomy of the fraud is the same: an attacker identifies key executives or suppliers and impersonates them, convincing an employee to wire funds, sometimes very large amounts of funds. Their methods for brand forgeries and impersonation are sophisticated and fool even savvy employees.

Inky Takes a Different Approach

Other email security solutions typically rely solely on a database of known attackers. Because business email compromise attacks are quite sophisticated, the usual methods of the past are no longer effective. Inky uses true machine learning and Computer Vision in addition to up to date databases, to catch even zero-day phishing scams.

Behavioral Profiles

Inky also observes mail flow to construct an implicit social graph and associate behavioral profiles with each sender. When it sees email from a sender that doesn’t behave as predicted, it adds an impersonation warning. These emails often lack URLs or attachments, so they elude detection by most mail protection systems.

Computer Vision

Over two dozen Computer Vision and text analysis models “see” the message much like a person would. Computer Vision allows Inky to see text-logos and catch text, type, and image anomalies that a human would miss.

Your employees will likely face some of these BEC scams

A scammer learns who your suppliers are, impersonates one of them by sending an email, using logos, nearly identical email addresses, exact names, and other hard-to-detect spoofs. They convince an employee to pay an invoice, and money is wire transferred to scammer’s account. This is common with foreign suppliers.
Just before an invoice is paid, a scammer impersonates one of your long time suppliers requesting an urgent last minute change to a different account. They could convince your employee that they had to open a new account and forgot to update you. Or that there was a problem with the payment and it must be resent.
The attacker impersonates the CEO or high-level executive and may carry out the attack over a period of days.  They may convince money to be transferred, or proprietary data to be leaked. Also known as a whaling attack.
Two-pronged attacks, where the fake email from a CEO is followed by contact via phone or email from a lawyer or second executive, adding to the credibility.
Information and identification theft: It’s not always money that the attacker is seeking. Often their goal is to obtain employee, executive information, from social security numbers, W2s, to personal data. Or further identifying information to pull of a future BEC attack. Or proprietary and sensitive company information. Common victims are HR departments.
Attorney Impersonation is very common, where urgent transfers for legal matters may be necessary. The cyber criminal learns who your attorney is, especially if an open case is pending (public record), and pressures an employee to pay a very legitimate looking invoice.

Inky is smart enough to spot and prevent ALL of the above scams, through multiple algorithms that get smarter over time.

What Makes Inky Different for
Business Email Compromise Protection?

Inky detects zero-day brand forgeries and spear phishing attacks.

Inky uses computer vision algorithms to recognize brand-indicative design indicators, including fake logos that are convincing, text-only designs but no real logo image. Coupled with sender profiling and anomaly detection algorithms, Inky supplies BEC security against these attacks before they are identified and logged by traditional email protection systems. Traditional email protection systems are working from a known database of attackers and scams.

Easy to deploy. No Installation Required.

Inky is the easiest on the market to deploy, usually within an hour and a quick set of changes to the Office 365 or Exchange server. No installed software. Set up a 2-week free trial today and see for yourself.

Works With Any Mail Client.

Web, mobile, or desktop. Office 365, Outlook Exchange, or GSuite.

Report Phishing Attempts from Any Device

A very unique feature is the ability to click a “Report this Email” link in every email, which means users can report spam, phish, and other problematic email from any device – web, phone, any email client, without installing software on the endpoints. Most BEC protection software only has the capability to work from an installed instance.

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