Unparalleled email security that works.

INKY helps companies secure email using a cloud-based security platform that proactively and instantly scans inbound, internal, and outbound emails to eliminate phishing and malware.

Constantly growing, learning, and improving.

Today, anyone can block spam. Malware is getting easier to prevent. But phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches for companies and the hooks are getting sharper. Most people don't realize how far the problem has advanced. Today's criminals employ a variety of incredibly sophisticated techniques that elude even the most skeptical and well-trained eyes. This is where INKY excels. Through innovative computer vision, AI, and machine learning INKY catches everything.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Self-adapting AI algorithms and a deep understanding of how email works, INKY keeps up with how email is changing.

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Social Graphing

Social Graphing

INKY gets to know users so that she can spot anyone trying to impersonate someone within the organization or frequent external senders.

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Email Assistant

Color-coded banners on every email offer threat assistance to your employees in real-time.

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The Dashboard

The Dashboard gives admins complete control over set up and gives flexibility in managing how your end-users will interact with INKY's banners.

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Reporting and Visualization Tools gives you in-depth awareness of all email activity at all times.

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Powerful Protection Against Phishing Emails.

INKY utilizes computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to see things others can’t. She’s driven, curious and mobile, and because she learns more with every email she views, she’s growing smarter by the second.

INKY adds a thin—but powerful— layer of protection like no other and can save your organization from the types of phishing attacks that have been crippling companies for years.

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Stay ahead of the curve.

Many of the Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) of today look a lot like they did when they were first built. In other words, not much has changed. While these phishing solutions may have seemed tech-savvy when they were released, in today’s sophisticated world of phishing threats, if you’re not constantly evolving then you are outdated.

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INKY isn’t complacent.

She wasn’t designed as a one-and-done technology. Through years and years of development by some of the smartest people in technology, INKY becomes more effective with every email she reads.

Now we are at the point where we can see the future of email security and light at the end of the tunnel where phishing is no longer the source of every major breach.

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