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INKY Introduces Internal Mail Protection

New Capability Provides Robust Detection and Remediation Capabilities for Email Security Threats Within the Organization.

College Park, MD – July 12, 2021 – INKY Technology Corporation, a pioneer in next-gen email phishing protection, announced that is now offering Internal Mail Protection to better protect customers from email and phishing attacks sent within the organization. This new capability augments INKY’s leading phishing prevention technology used on incoming external emails.

INKY protects internal email using a series of advanced detection capabilities similar to what is used on external email. First, INKY leverages sender profiling and social graphing to inspect internal email traffic. As users send mail internally, INKY builds dynamic ‘profiles’ or ‘behavior models’ of the originating sender. As the models grow, INKY uses anomaly detection techniques to filter out and block impersonation attempts originating from within an organization.

INKY also employs Active Link Protection, which is not a traditional link checker. As each link is clicked, INKY analyzes it in real-time, not afterwards like some solutions, but right away and every time thereafter. The technology identifies and filters out confusable domains, misleading links, cross-site scripting (XSS) URL's, and malicious redirects. INKY’s link protection knows where an email link should be taking a user and will display the real destination of the URL link in a “safe preview” screenshot, isolating the user from the malicious web page.

When a bad email is detected, the Email Remediation Access capability allows administrators to remove messages from user's Microsoft 365 mailboxes for emails originating outside their organization. Leveraging this technology, admins now have the capability to not only remove bad external emails, but bad internal emails as well. This process is done from the same INKY Dashboard admins currently use and ensures they have the tools needed to protect against lateral movement of an infected email within an organization’s internal email infrastructure.

Finally, INKY uses its unique HTML-based warning banners as means to alert users of a potential issue with an internal email. After INKY analyzes messages, employees receive real-time feedback as to what, if anything, is fraudulent about the message. The HTML-based banners will display properly on any email client or platform, allowing the notifications to be seen wherever a user accesses email.

“This is an exciting next step in the company’s growth as we expand the scope of email protection for our customers,” said Dave Baggett, CEO and Founder at INKY. “INKY’s proven anti-phishing and account takeover protection technology is now available for our customers’ internal email as well as external email traffic. We’re adding a new layer of protection for our users as internal email is often leveraged as an attack vector.”

INKY’s Internal Mail Protection service is available to new users now, and as an add-on to existing customers using the company’s external email protection services; Phish Fence. Visit the INKY website to learn more.

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Headquartered in College Park, Maryland, INKY leads the industry in mail protection powered by unique computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company’s flagship product, INKY Phish Fence, uses these novel techniques to “see” each email much like a human does, to block phishing attacks that get through every other system. INKY founder Dave Baggett also co-founded ITA Software, the industry-leading airfare search company purchased by Google in 2011 for $730M, which now powers Google Flights. For more information, please visit

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