Protect Internal Email Traffic Against Phishing

INKY Internal Mail Protection, an add-on to INKY Phish Fence, protects an organization’s internal email traffic.

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Detect, Defeat, and Prevent Lateral Attacks Within the Organization

With sophisticated hackers today tunneling across the organizational chart looking for pay dirt, having protection against external threats alone just isn't enough. The phisher who's already penetrated can move laterally via internal email that appears trustworthy. INKY mitigates these internal phish.

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Internal Sender Profiling and Social Graphing

As users send mail internally, INKY builds dynamic profiles or behavior models of the originating sender. As the models grow, INKY uses anomaly detection to filter out and block impersonation attempts originating from outside the organization.

INKY observes incoming email and builds a model of:

inky_pricing_checkmark_pink Email addresses that are typically used by the sender

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkThe display name for each sender (i.e., Tyler D. vs. Tyler Durden)

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkLocation from which the sender primarily transmits mail (home/office/traveling)

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkDevice type from which the sender typically dispatches mail (mobile device, Mac/PC, or tablet), and

inky_pricing_checkmark_pinkThe email client used by the sender (i.e., Outlook for the PC, Apple Mail client for iPad/iPhone, or Gmail app).

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Internal Email Remediation

Remediation access within INKY Phish Fence allows administrators to remove messages from their recipients' Office 365 and Google mailboxes for emails originating outside the organization. With Internal Mail Protection, Administrators now have the ability to remove internal emails as well. Administrators can use the same INKY Dashboard for both. With remediation, they have the tools they need to protect against malicious lateral movement across the internal email infrastructure.

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Active Link Protection

INKY’s link protection is much more than a traditional blacklist checker. On a daily basis, INKY catches real-time targeted zero-day threats not (or not yet) reported to the blacklisted domain sites.

INKY analyzes each link an internal recipient clicks in real-time, not afterward like an application programming interface (API) method or Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) solution. Because INKY operates in line, it can intervene immediately. The others have to snatch mail back after it’s delivered to the recipient's inbox.

INKY identifies and filters out confusable domains, misleading links, cross-site scripting (XSS) URLs, and malicious redirects. Using technology developed for INKY’s brand impersonation models, Active Link Protection “knows" where an email link should be taking the recipient as well as where it’s trying to take them. INKY’s detail screen displays the real destination of the link in a safe preview screenshot, isolating the user from any malicious web page.

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Friendly Dynamic Warning Banners

INKY’s HTML-based warning banners give recipients a visual cue. After INKY analyzes messages, employees receive real-time feedback as to what, if anything, is fraudulent about the message. Because the banners are HTML based, they display properly on any email client or platform (e.g., a traditional PC with Outlook, a mobile device with an Apple or Android app, all Web-based clients).


GRAY (safe) — INKY did not find anything unusual or suspicious about the message. The banner also displays the email sender’s address and notes if the email is internal (within an organization) or external.


YELLOW (caution) — INKY found something unusual, but not necessarily dangerous, about the message. For example, INKY displays a yellow banner for an email from a first-time sender.


RED (danger) — INKY thinks the message is suspicious and is likely to be a phishing attempt or otherwise dangerous. Administrators have the option to deliver these messages or send them to a quarantine folder.

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