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INKY Releases AI-Based Phish Fence

INKY Releases INKY Phish Fence to Protect Enterprises from Widespread Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Extortion Attacks

INKY is announcing today the release of INKY Phish Fence, the company’s flagship anti-phishing solution. INKY Phish Fence is equipped with anomaly detection algorithms to identify and block brand forgery emails, spear phishing attempts and extortion attacks, while also alerting employees with helpful warning banners to unusual or suspicious emails, giving users specific guidance on potentially problematic messages.

“Phishing is the top attack vector in today’s threat landscape as criminals can easily access phishing toolkits on the Dark Web. INKY’s ability to uniquely detect brand forgery and phishing attacks through the company’s anomaly detection algorithms is a welcome approach to solving such a systemic issue,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst, ESG.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Dave Baggett, CEO, and Simon Smith, COO, INKY’s mission was realized through the need to infuse AI, machine learning and computer vision into the email protection industry. With the release of INKY Phish Fence, INKY is bringing email protection capabilities on any endpoint via any mail client, with no additional client software required. The product integrates directly into Microsoft Office 365® in minutes, and provides IT/Security teams a rich reporting and measurement dashboard to assess blocked threats and reported phishing emails. INKY Phish Fence supports Google G Suite® implementations as well.

In conjunction with the launch, INKY has found that over half of phishing emails are passing traditional anti-spam filters:

  • 57% pass DKIM
  • 93% pass DMARC
  • 25% pass SPF

Leveraging the reputation of Office 365 and G suite, criminals are actively using domains of reputable servers in order to pass the low bar for traditional anti-spam filters. In addition, INKY has found a change in the dissemination of spear phishing attacks, moving away from the traditional attachment generated content, to criminals looking to build relationships with C-level executives merely requesting simple data.

“There is an obvious lack of innovation around detecting and preventing today’s sophisticated phishing attacks. With the launch of INKY Phish Fence, enterprises will now be able to detect and prevent against the industry’s most common, yet formidable vectors,” said Ron Gula, Founder of Gula Tech Adventures. “Investing in this space is incredibly important as the first line of defense against attackers gaining access to sensitive data.”

Backed by ClearSky Security, Gula Tech Adventures and Blackstone (NYSE:BX), INKY  has raised $5.6 million in Series A funding to fuel the company’s go-to-marketing approach.

About INKY
Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, INKY leads the industry in mail protection powered by unique computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company’s flagship product, INKY Phish Fence, uses these novel techniques to “see” each email much like a human does, to block phishing attacks that get through every other system. INKY founder Dave Baggett also co-founded ITA Software, the industry-leading airfare search company purchased by Google in 2011 for $730M which now powers Google Flights®. For more information, please visit