INKY’s COVID-19 Business Response and Resources

COVID-19 is adversely affecting businesses nationwide and as the number of employees working from home increases, so does your company’s exposure to phishing attacks. 


New coronavirus phishing scams are surfacing regularly.

Businesses that are not protected risk even greater financial downfalls than we are already experiencing in light of the pandemic. As America unites in the fight against the spread of the virus, businesses must also come together in an effort to protect employees, organizations – both strong and struggling, and the future economic growth of the country. We all have a role to play and at INKY, our focus is helping companies stay safe from predatory cybercriminals who are using the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 for their own financial gain.

New COVID-19 Warning Banners

INKY’s new and unique COVID-19 banners provide an extra layer of awareness – perfect for newly remote employees who may be distracted by elements of their new work environment or worried about keeping their family safe. After all, when it comes to falling for phishing scams, even the slightest bit of distraction can open a company to the perils of cybertheft. 


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The Truth Behind Phishing

Phishing is more than junk email. Phishing targets human beings. Hackers exploit human weakness by relying on employees clicking on malicious URLs embedded in email copy and designed to compromise enterprise systems. The cost of credential compromises:

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