A question we often get asked here is how INKY compares to other email security solutions. We thought it might be useful to list here how INKY differs from both legacy products, products that have emerged in the email security tech space, and phishing awareness training software products:

  1. User-friendly banners are added to inbound emails provide helpful warnings and real-time phishing awareness for employees.
  2. Report This Email function enables end-users to report suspicious emails and spam with just one quick click.
  3. No add-ins, plug-ins, or client dependencies of any kind are needed for INKY to work. This makes INKY the only *truly* mobile-friendly phishing detection and reporting solution currently available.
  4. Computer Vision technology that identifies and blocks brand forgery emails. This is particularly important because, brand-impersonation attacks have increased eleven-fold from 2014 to 2018, in part, because they're so easy for cybercriminals to pull off.
  5. Inline Deployment (as opposed to API-based deployment) means INKY uniquely can
    - add banners to emails
    - move mail to quarantine
    - rewrite links to provide URL protection
    - scale to enterprise mailbox counts
    - operate in real-time on incoming mail (average latency < 1s in production)
    - remove added banners from messages that end-users reply to for better OPSEC
  6. Easy to deploy and can be done in stages. INKY works with all incumbent SEGs; no need to rip and replace.

All that, plus, INKY was built for Microsoft Office 365To see INKY in action, schedule a demo today.